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Internal Audit

Internal Audit

Today’s business environment is affected by corporate scandals, Sarbanes-Oxley rules, shareholder suits, and increasing stock exchange internal audit requirements. Many organizations face stakeholder, investor, and public uncertainty. Directors’ and officers’ insurance premiums are increasing at an alarming rate. Noncompliance with new requirements may prevent organizations from meeting their goals.

You need an internal audit function that provides local capability, strong industry experience, credibility with management, and service delivery expertise. Your internal audit function should be respected by your board and provide turnkey internal audit capability at a competitive cost, so you can address these risks and achieve your organizational goals.

Moss Adams internal audit services can reduce business risk exposures and contribute to your organization’s performance goals. Your Moss Adams team’s substantial knowledge of internal controls, experience in your industry, systems implementation background, business process and information technology knowledge, and readily available local resources at reasonable rates can help you improve your bottom line results. From full internal audit outsourcing to risk assessments, we can help you build an internal control structure that improves your organization’s long-term value and provides assurance to your stakeholders.

Using a process-oriented approach and proven methodology, we focus on aligning the right internal controls with company exposures and reviewing new business processes for their impact on existing practices. When you work with us, you will have confidence that you are receiving a service that meets your compliance and business needs from a credible and well-respected firm.


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