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Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Whether it's reviewing your plan strategy and structure, steering you away from penalties, or preparing your filings, rely on an advisor with deep expertise.
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Global Challenges for Benefit Plans (August 2015)

New Amendments Simplify Financial Reporting for Employee Benefit Plans (August 2015)

Longer Life Expectancies May Increase Benefit Obligations (March 2015)

Benefit Responsiveness in a Defined Contribution Plan: Fair Market Value Versus Contract Value (January 2015)

Three Ways to Increase Employee Participation in Your 401(k) Plan (September 2014)

Changing Employee Benefit Plan Vendors? Tips for a Smooth Transition (July 2014)

ERISA's Service Provider Disclosure Rules—and How to Comply with Them (July 2014)

No Can Do: What Employee Plan Sponsors Need to Know About Prohibited Transactions (June 2014)

Employee Benefit Plan Audit Tips (May 2014)

Handing It Over: What Business Owners Need to Know About Administering an ESOP (Spring 2014)

The Seven Most Common Compliance Pitfalls for 401(k) Plan Sponsors (Spring 2014)

Is It Time to Send Your Investment Advisor Through An RFP? (Fall 2013)

Penalty Box: What to Expect If You Miss Your Form 5500 Filing Deadline (Fall 2013)

Even Turf: Nondiscrimination Testing and Your Health Plan (Fall 2013)

Hot Button Audit Issues: Hot to Handle Employee Benefit Plans and Audits (Smart Business, May 2013; posted with permission)

Render Retirement Plan Audits Painless (Society for Human Resource Management, April 2013)

Participant-Directed Investments in Defined Contribution Plans (March 2013)

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