Tax Planning Post-Election

Presented on:
November 10, 2020 9:00 AM PT
1 hour

With the election over and tax changes happening, this session for the real estate and construction sector will review candidate’s tax plan and compare to current law, discuss tax planning opportunities should the candidate’s tax plan be enacted, and highlight recent changes to tangible asset incentives.

Please note, this webcast is part of our eight-part Virtual 2020 Building Opportunity Conference.



Jeff Schilling, Managing Director, Moss Adams

Jeff leads the Oregon and Northern California Tangible Asset Incentive Services practice at Moss Adams. He provides supervisory and technical expertise to cost segregation, allocation of purchase price and tax depreciation optimization studies. Over his career, Jeff has developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the tax laws relating to fixed assets, repairs and maintenance, depreciation, and real and personal property transactions. Industries served include electronic parts manufacturing, silicon chip manufacturing, health care, banking, gaming, food processing, real estate, and construction.

Michael Hurst, Senior Manager, Moss Adams

Michael has practiced public accounting since 2011. He provides tax planning and compliance services to clients in the construction, real estate and manufacturing industries. Prior to pursuing a career in accounting, Michael was a captain in the United States Army Rangers.

Lillian Chen, Partner, Moss Adams

Lillian’s clients include public and private real estate companies, REITs, private equity funds, home builders, developers, investment managers and advisors, pension funds, institutional investors, foreign investors, and high net worth individuals. She has extensive experience managing large compliance engagements involving multistate filings for corporate and pass-through entities, consulting with her clients on a broad spectrum of tax matters.

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