A Generous State: Claiming Arizona’s R&D Tax Credit

Presented on:
November 15, 2017 9:00 AM MT
1 hour

R&D tax credits are available both federally and at the state level to companies that bear the financial risk of developing new products or processes. In most states, the tax credit rate ranges from 5%–10%, but in Arizona the rate is 24%—topping even the maximum federal rate, 20%.

Every year companies leave thousands of dollars in potential credits unclaimed, working under the common misperception that R&D credits are only for high-tech, cutting-edge companies with dedicated scientists and laboratories. Companies in many industries can claim the credit, and in Arizona some businesses can even claim it as a refundable credit.

In this webcast, we'll cover what makes Arizona's R&D tax credit—particularly the refundable credit—so valuable, how your company can evaluate its projects for eligibility, and what you need to know to pursue the credit.



Tom Sanger, CPA, Partner, Moss Adams

Tom leads the Moss Adams R&D Tax Services Practice. He performs R&D studies for companies in many different industries, including construction, manufacturing, life sciences, technology and many others, and has extensive experience successfully defending his clients during IRS and state examinations.

Peter Henderson, CPA, Senior Manager, Moss Adams

Peter specializes in federal, California, and Arizona R&D incentives. Peter has extensive experience conducting R&D tax credit studies. He has degrees in both engineering and accounting and serves clients in various industries including software development, aerospace, automotive, medical devices, as well as apparel.

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