Cybersecurity for Directors

Presented on:
October 24, 2019 1:00 PM PT
30 minutes

Cybersecurity is a steep responsibility that's critical for CEOs and boards to navigate effectively. The potential damages from a breach can often be devastating, and, if there are financial irregularities-from any source-that result in fines or worse, investors hold the CEO and board accountable.

To reduce the risk of these consequences, the board of directors must take a proactive approach. Join us in on-demand webcast where we discuss how to mitigate cyber-related financial risks and build a solid, effective cyber risk monitoring program into your corporate governance.

We focus on the four main pillars of a strong cybersecurity program, including:

  • Understanding the threat environment
  • Comparison of your company's cyber-footprint with the threat environment
  • Securing against hazards in the intersection of that comparison
  • Damage control in the event of a breach

Plus, we cover:

  • Leveraging cyber risk insurance to help mitigate financial risks
  • Best practices for board cybersecurity oversight
  • Open Q&A


Greg Reber, Partner, Cybersecurity Consulting, Moss Adams

Greg has specialized in IT security consulting since 1995. As an early pioneer in the information security field, Greg was among the first to recognize and address the risks presented by consumer-facing applications. His expertise includes building effective risk management practices, developing information security programs, C-level security consulting for information security organizations, and merger and acquisition security due diligence. His clients include financial services companies, retail service providers, and other Fortune 1000 companies. Prior to joining Moss Adams, Greg was the founder and CEO of AsTech, a leading information security consulting firm, for more than 20 years. He began his career as an aerospace engineer and served as an international trade consultant in the aeronautical industry before shifting his focus to IT security.

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