Fine Tune Your Financials: Investment, Structuring, & Reporting for Tribes

Presented on:
June 25, 2019 10:00 AM PT
1 hour

Are you overreporting in your financial statements to the federal government? This is a common issue that arises for tribes. Many tribal leaders face challenges in structuring their investments because they must contend with Governmental Accounting Standards Board standards that might conflict with tribal needs. This can create uncertainty around financial statements reporting, and many organizations end up overreporting as a result.

Join us for a on-demand webcast to learn how to find and establish structuring and reporting models suited to the needs of your tribal government. We share insights on:

  • Options for structuring legally separate organizations and investments
  • Differences between investments and component units and how to report them in financial statements
  • Financial reporting options


Ryan Luetkemeyer, Senior Manager, Moss Adams

Ryan has practiced public accounting since 2001 with a focus on providing professional services exclusively to tribal governments and their enterprises. His experience includes performing financial and compliance audits in accordance with GAGAS and OMB Uniform Guidance for Federal Awards, assisting clients with technical financial reporting matters, and implementing accounting policies and procedures. He has in-depth experience with fraud investigations that focus on various forms of cash and inventory misappropriation and assisting tribal governments in implementing strategies of lean accounting and by implementing best practices. Ryan often provides customized trainings to Tribes on these topics and is passionate about helping others succeed.

Anita Shah, Senior Manager, Moss Adams

Anita has practiced public accounting since 2007 and specializes in navigating Tribal governments through grant requirements and in streamlining financial processes by performing annual single audits for Tribal governments. Anita has also worked with Tribal housing authorities, health facilities, schools, casinos, and other Tribal enterprises. Having served various Tribal governments and their enterprises throughout the country, Anita is able to provide valuable insight and best practice recommendations about their internal controls, policies and procedures, and overall operational improvements, to help Tribes better serve their citizens. Additionally, as part of providing audit services, Anita has technical expertise in the laws and regulations of GASB, GAGAS (Yellow Book), and OMB Uniform Guidance, to provide clients with useful and timely recommendations in implementing new standards to remain in compliance with applicable requirements. Anita has provided several traings to Tribes on relevant topics as allowable costs, procurement, applying other OMB grant guidance, and preparing indirect cost proposals to maximize benefits provided by Tribal governments.

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