Preventing Cyberattacks: How to Deter Top-Trending Threats

Presented on:
May 14, 2019 10:00 AM PT
1 hour

A cyberattack can compromise your organization’s sensitive data and undermine its ability to operate effectively. Join us for an on-demand webcast on emerging cyberattack trends—and how to safeguard against them—to help decrease your organization’s risk of a breach and prevent operational downtime.


  • The latest cybersecurity threats, including cryptojacking, fileless attacks, CEO fraud, and botnets
  • How attacks target data and assets
  • Steps to help your organization identify, prevent, and detect attacks


Troy Hawes, Senior Director, Moss Adams

Troy understands industry-based security needs and those that are a result of the business structure. He leads teams in providing IT security and privacy assessments, disaster recovery preparation, and audits of service providers. Troy manages technology security and compliance assessments using a number of different security frameworks under both national and international regulatory standards. He leverages his security expertise to help clients identify areas of potential security weakness and to establish an enterprise-wide threat-management program.

Jon King, Manager, Moss Adams

Jon is a cybersecurity consulting manager at Moss Adams. He has been managing technical infrastructure systems and advising senior leadership on security policy and practices since 2006. Jon brings a vast knowledge of complex security requirements and specializes in vulnerability review, risk mitigation and avoidance, change management, systems and network engineering, audit compliance, and data recovery.

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