Strengthen Your COVID-19 Response Using Lean

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April 8, 2020 10:00 AM PT
1 hour

Strengthen Your COVID-19 Response Using Lean

Every aspect of a health care organization is stretched when responding to an unprecedented event—from the people to the processes, supplies, and facilities. Implementing a strategic response plan through lean methodologies can help your organization take on the most complex challenges.

Join us for a webcast in which three members of our team—a physician, a nurse, and a quality and patient safety executive—will share best practices and approaches to help fortify your organization’s COVID-19 preparedness and response plan, including how to:

  • Create your incident command center
  • Establish daily management systems and access pathways
  • Form infection prevention workflows

About Lean

Lean is an exceptional approach to navigating in the most complex circumstances. The Moss Adams Lean Health Care Practice has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak—and past public health crises—helping health care organizations plan their preparedness response and execute on it, nimbly and steadily. We offer a disciplined methodology to implementing and executing on your organization’s strategic approach.



Dahlia Mak, MHA, Managing Director, Lean Health Care Practice, Moss Adams

Dahlia has been in the health care industry for over 20 years and has worked with lean application in health care since 2002. She oversees lean practice groups and product development, guiding health care systems with her expertise in quality and patient safety, process improvement, and strategic planning. Certified in lean from Shingijutsu Global, Dahlia coaches leaders in improvement methods, leadership development, and change management—delivering tangible, sustainable improvements. She serves a wide range of clients, from large integrated delivery systems and academic medical centers to public health systems. She engages organizations at all levels, bringing together executives, boards, providers, frontline caregivers, and staff, to apply lean methodology and solve complex problems. Dahlia served as a principal at Rona Consulting Group (RCG) until it combined with Moss Adams in 2017. RCG’s founders were early adopters of the Toyota Management System in the health care setting. Dahlia began her lean health care career at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, which was the first major medical facility to adopt the Toyota Management System to health care. Her contributions included reducing lead times and eliminating a backlog in the hospital’s Release of Information Department. As administrative director of patient safety, she managed the development of a nationally recognized Patient Safety Alert System, facilitated improvements in the culture of safety and patient outcomes, and achieved multi-million-dollar cost savings. She previously worked at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center’s Department of Ophthalmology and Swedish Medical Center.

Joan Ching, RN, DNP, CPHQ, Director, Lean Health Care Practice, Moss Adams

Joan has been working with lean methodology since 2007 and has extensive experience in patient safety, data analytics, quality improvement, and compliance. A doctoral-level nurse, she began her clinical practice specializing in complex pain management, which prompted a deep passion around patient advocacy, incident reporting, and event investigation. Joan’s commitment to quality and patient safety led to progressive leadership roles across ambulatory care systems, including at University of Washington Medical Center, where she implemented incident reporting systems, event investigations, and pain management campaigns, among other clinical and outreach initiatives. When Joan joined Virginia Mason as administrative director of quality and safety, she advanced her expertise in clinical quality control through lean methodology, as well as regulatory compliance, infection prevention and wound management, and legislative advocacy. She has since served at Swedish Medical Center, where she oversaw quality, patient safety, infection prevention, and employee health across its five hospitals. Among her significant accomplishments were implementing enterprise-wide initiatives that produced dramatic results around reducing patient harm and developing future performance measures for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Joan is an executive nurse fellow at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and has presented at a variety of national conferences and co-authored numerous peer-reviewed publications.

Kim Pittenger, MD, Director, Lean Health Care Practice, Moss Adams

Kim began his career in family medicine in 1979. By 2004 he became a strong believer in the Toyota Production System and its ability to improve the ease of delivering quality care and contribute to financial success. Kim left private practice after nearly 40 years to devote his career to medical care innovations inspired by lean methodology. Kim has firsthand experience implementing kaizen in his prior role as director of quality and innovation for primary care at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle. As a result of his work, the medical center experienced quantitative results including positive primary care financial margins, disease management and screening attainments exceeding national averages, and a consistently favorable patient satisfaction rating. Additionally, Kim implemented flow production of indirect care using Toyota Management System principles, contributing to provider satisfaction and sustainability rates that are atypical in today’s primary care practices. He also developed a best practices tactical force which sought to align clinical practice patterns with operational practice patterns to support evidence-based care.

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