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In today’s increasingly complex and ever-changing health care environment, it takes competent, knowledgeable, and assertive expertise to help you realize high performance. It’s a level of service the accounting and consulting professionals at Moss Adams are hard-wired to deliver.

As the bulk of the reforms stemming from the Affordable Care Act take effect over the next several years, health plans and payers will need the right advisor on their side—one capable of performing detailed analysis, presenting tangible opportunities for performance improvement, and helping you realize a quantifiable return on your investment.

Whether it’s helping you navigate increased federal and state regulations or evaluate operations in light of shifting patient populations, our skilled professionals—dedicated practitioners who work with a number of health plan organizations of different sizes—have both the technical knowledge and practical experience to help you solve some of your most complex business challenges.

Who We Serve

  • Health maintenance organizations
  • Insurance exchanges
  • Exclusive provider organizations
  • Risk pools
  • Self-insured pools
  • Medicare Advantage plans
  • Medicaid health plans
  • Accountable care organizations
  • Coordinated care organizations
  • Risk-bearing organizations such as independent physician associations and medical groups
  • Managed care organizations
  • Knox-Keene plans
  • Dental plans
  • Managed services organizations
  • Third-party administrators


Making the right decisions for your business starts with having the most accurate and up-to-date information available. Our Healthcare Providers & Services Market Monitor keeps you abreast of events, trends, and market forces that shape and guide your industry.

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