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Wine Industry Surveys

Moss Adams regularly partners with industry leaders to survey regional and nationwide trends in the wine industry. The goal? To bring you valuable, insightful data and analysis so you’re able to benchmark your company against industry leaders and make informed business decisions.

Wine Industry Financial Benchmarking Report®

Moss Adams, Turrentine Brokerage, American AgCredit, and Heffernan Insurance Brokers are committed to serving as thought leaders in the wine industry, and we view the Wine Industry Financial Benchmarking Report® as an opportunity to provide comparative and insightful industry information. We believe the in-depth information gathered in this survey provides an important tool to help measure your results and consider future business strategies. To protect our participants, we’ve reported on this information in a manner that safeguards their confidentiality. Download your copy >

Winery & Grower Benchmarking Report

This report, compiled by Moss Adams, the Farm Credit Alliance, and Turrentine Brokerage, offers insight into what winery and vineyard managers are thinking as they gauge the impact of three consecutive record to near-record harvests, sales trends, inventory balances, future grape supply, the economy, and other factors that come into play as they face important planning decisions in 2015. Conducted at the close of 2014, we had 305 participants that comprised growers, wineries, and negociants based in California, Oregon, and Washington. We’ve presented the information by state, by subregions in California, and by overall winery production. Download your copy >

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