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The IRS announced it intends to issue proposed regulations clarifying Unrelated Business Taxable Income from qualified transportation fringe benefits. Get the details.

Auto dealers may be able to expense 100% of fixed assets following tax reform, but action is required on tax returns to avoid limiting future benefits.

Proposed IRS guidance can help provide benefits for taxpayers invested in qualified opportunity zones. New guidance was released in early 2019.

During his sophomore year at Princeton, BJ Miller ’93 was horsing around with friends after leaving a party. He climbed on top of the parked Dinky shuttle train, and 11,000 volts arced from the power line through the watch on his left hand, running through his body. He w...

Following the panel on Tech Innovation and Disruption in the Health Care Ecosystem, this panel will share insights on how these new transformative digital and health care tech companies are securing funding - and what it’s like to be in on the deal making from the inside...

Panel discusses how technology is innovating, disrupting, and improving health care.   Tech health care disrupters discuss operating and changing the delivery model.  How to not only survive, but thrive, in the current dysfunctional state of health care from the...

The 2018 Health Care Conference keynote session features Kennedy’s and Price’s perspectives on important policy issues following the election that relate to health care, health care funding, prescription drug pricing, CMS’ value-based payment models, and the ...

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