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Whether you’re doing business in China or are a Chinese company needing public accounting services in the United States, our China Practice can help you navigate that path.

Inbound and Outbound Activity

Inbound and Outbound Activity

We know how crucial the process is when you’re setting up a business across international borders. You need to feel encouraged that the process is working every step of the way because you only have one shot to do it right.

At Moss Adams, we take pride in that journey and can offer the same level of expertise and service as the largest firms. We’re more interested in the differences, however. Our people are dedicated to the firm and its clients, evidenced by our 83 percent staff retention rate. This means the same people on your engagement team who begin the process with you will continue to oversee your growth with a full range of tax, assurance, and advisory services.

Many of our professionals on the China Practice team speak Chinese fluently and have a personal stake in the cultures of Asia. As an accounting firm, we’re also incredibly passionate about numbers. Here are some of our favorites:

Some of our numbers

Our Chinese clientele, meanwhile, is made up of:

  • Middle-market companies currently using services provided by a Big Four accounting firm
  • Strong Chinese enterprises with a US subsidiary still in the start-up phase
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) headquartered in China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong that are well established in the western United States
  • SMEs preparing IPOs or seeking other channels of funding in the United States
  • Clients looking for potential merger and acquisition candidates in the United States who need to conduct financial due diligence on qualified projects

Celebrating More Than 100 Years of Service

If you’d like to know more about our history, watch our video on our more than 100-year history.

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