Intellectual Property Valuations

Establishing the Value of Your Ideas

Intangible assets, or intellectual property (IP), often have more value than tangible assets and can significantly impact your company’s true value. But how can you value an asset that you can’t put your hands on and can’t define? How do you determine the value of an idea?

Our experienced teams perform IP valuations for a variety of purposes, including litigation, financial reporting, transactions, business restructuring and re-alignment, strategy, and transfer pricing. For litigation purposes, we assist clients in evaluating the actual or potential losses in disputes concerning the exploitation and protection of intellectual property rights. We also assist attorneys and companies by providing IP valuation opinions for a range of assets from patents, trademarks, and copyrights to customer lists and licensing and franchise relationships.

Here are a few ways we’ve helped our clients:

  • We completed an industry pricing and valuation analysis of the music publishing industry for a large, international investment banking firm considering a direct investment in this industry.
  • We provided valuation services in support of an acquisition by a large sporting goods and apparel manufacturer involving more than 100 identified patents, trademarks, and license agreements.
  • We provided valuation services in support of the acquisition of a medical device technology used in the treatment of aneurisms.
  • We provided valuation services in support of a large acquisition of retail franchising rights for a national retail brand.

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