Real Estate Valuations

Do you prepare, outsource, or review real estate valuations in connection with an acquisition or disposition? The need to analyze, document, and test internal and external valuations and appraisals related to pre- or post-transaction activities is a must for single-property or portfolio transactions as well as for business acquisitions containing real estate in connection with fair value financial or tax-related reporting requirements.

We can help you document and review real estate asset and real estate entity valuations whether they’re internally or externally prepared. Our services include:

  • Reviewing valuation models
  • Identifying appropriate valuation methodologies
  • Helping you develop and document critical inputs and assumptions
  • Reviewing fair value analyses (ASC 820) in connection with:
    • Allocation among components in both asset acquisitions and business combinations (ASC 805)
    • Real estate impairment studies (ASC 360)

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