E-Commerce Companies: Leverage Prediction Technologies

Presented on:
February 3, 2022 10:00 AM PT
1 hour

Data driven organizations can leverage historical descriptive and diagnostic data and use modern forecasting tools to predict future outcomes and when they’ll occur. Modern artificial intelligence (AI) toolsets can also provide prescriptive guidance, including suggestions on what actions should be taken to achieve sales outcomes.

Join Jonathan Wray, cofounder of AI solution Aible, and Moss Adams for our webcast in which we’ll discuss how your company can better apply predictive and prescriptive analytics to inform decision making and limit risk and uncertainty. We’ll focus on approaches data driven companies leverage to improve their prediction capabilities for finance, sales, and operations.

Topics include:

  • Predictions for your financial and operational future utilizing dashboards

  • How to improve trend recognition and predictive analysis

  • What the information should tell you about your current and long-term trajectories

  • How to leverage AI tools to improve outcomes in sales and operations

If you have specific questions regarding this presentation send us an email at caitlin.joyce@mossadams.com.

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Loren Den Herder, Managing Director, Moss Adams

Loren has provided business process and information technology consulting services since 1993. As the firm's leader of business intelligence and corporate performance management solutions, he delivers leading-edge technology solutions for clients. His experience spans enterprise solutions including finance, human resources, operations, customer relations, business intelligence (BI), and corporate performance management.

Matthew McKittrick, CEP, CISA, Partner, Moss Adams

Matt has provided consulting for business processes, applications, and data analytics solutions since 1995. He helps his clients address regulatory and compliance challenges and leads cross-functional teams comprised of human resources, accounting, tax, and data management professionals to solve the challenges created by regulation. Matt consistently leverages his experience in business process controls, IT audit, data management, and application development to help his clients build comprehensive, resilient, auditable, and well-documented solutions to address recordkeeping and regulatory challenges.

Jonathan Wray, Cofounder, Aible

Jonathan is the cofounder of Aible, the only enterprise AI solution that guarantees business impact in just one month. Prior to founding Aible, he led customer success and product management for Einstein Discovery, formerly BeyondCore, a market-leading automated analytics solution at Salesforce. Jonathan also cocreated and co-instructed an AI course in the MBA program at the Harvard Business School as an executive fellow.

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