Environmental, Social, and Governance Services

Enhanced Business Practices for the Future

Align your business practices with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles to help accelerate your mission and transform your culture while strengthening brand value and your bottom line.

As businesses rapidly pursue ESG initiatives to support their values and meet the expectations of stakeholders—including investors, boards, customers, and employees—it’s crucial to implement, track, report, and assure standards that accurately define and measure your progress.

Pursue your ESG goals with confidence—wherever your organization resides on its ESG journey—and help build a quality future with guidance from our professionals.

Benefits of ESG Programs

ESG programs can incorporate elements of the following areas.

Pursuing ESG initiatives can help:

  • Drive sustained growth
  • Develop community and marketplace trust and brand loyalty
  • Identify tax savings, value creation, and cash flow opportunities
  • Mitigate risks and maintain compliance
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Increase value to shareholders and employees

ESG Solutions and Opportunities

Explore various services to enhance or assess your ESG initiatives.

Claim Tax Benefits for ESG Practices

Improving your environmental footprint or diversifying your workforce can help meet sustainability or cultural goals and also provide opportunities to boost your cash flow and reduce tax liabilities.

Assess tax opportunities as you evolve your practices or pursue claims for existing ones. Notable options include:

  • Incentives for Energy-Efficient Buildings. Claim a tax deduction up to $5.00 per square foot for the construction or renovation of commercial buildings and residential rental properties four stories or more with IRC Section 179D. Claim a tax credit up to $5,000 per unit for the new construction or renovation of multifamily and single-single residences with the IRC Section 45L.
  • Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits. Refund up to 10% of annual R&D costs when you design, develop, or improve your products, processes, techniques, formulas, or software to enhance your environmental practices.
  • Federal and State Hiring Credits. Earn credits for nearly $10,000 per employee based on eligible individuals when you support and hire statistically disadvantaged professionals from differing backgrounds.
  • Transferable Tax Credits. Reduce federal and state tax burdens while also supporting ESG causes—with transfer prices ranging from $0.70 to $1.18 per dollar of credit purchased.
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC). Reduce your income tax when you invest in affordable rental housing, with opportunities equal to 4% or 9% of construction costs.

Identify any potential savings opportunities your business may overlook and navigate the complex claims process with guidance from our professionals.

Execute Deals Confidently with Transaction Services

Identify and understand potential opportunities and risks an acquisition, merger, or sale may pose for your company ahead of a transaction.

Verify an acquired organization aligns with your ESG goals and culture, or identify areas that need attention to maintain your progress, by assessing potential corporate governance and financial reporting risks through proper due diligence and integration analysis.

Improve Strategy and Operations

Unleash the full benefits of ESG, stay ahead of regulations, and outpace the competition by developing an effective long-term vision to help guide strategic decisions and allocate capital and resources to achieve your ESG goals. It’s likely your organization is already performing ESG-related work. An ESG strategy and roadmap can integrate your initiatives with the organization’s overall strategy and operations to deliver targeted returns and increased value.

Not sure where to start? Moss Adams can help you map your environment and where you want to go. We can help you identify gaps and opportunities by conducting an ESG scan, organizational assessment, and operational efficiency study. Deepen your governance with updated policies and procedures, internal controls, or succession plans. Increase transparency with strategic planning and consolidated reporting on impactful metrics.

Your workforce can be among your most valuable assets in achieving ESG goals. Drive employee engagement and retention through equity audits and assessments, compensation benchmarking studies, and more.

Unintegrated ESG activities won’t be sustainable. Make strategic investments to help transform your organization.

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Data Analytics

Advance your ESG goals by identifying appropriate metrics and implementing dashboards that can deliver timely and relevant updates on the status and trajectory of your initiatives.

By assessing your operating environment, we create customized dashboards that are practical, accessible, and interoperable with your existing systems—so you can illuminate vital data and industry-focused KPIs that inform and guide your strategy and decision-making.

Leverage data to communicate progress with your board, staff, and other stakeholders.

Pursue ESG Investment Opportunities

Align your investments with your values by focusing on responsible ESG investing strategies.

Navigate various investing practices that incorporate ESG elements including:

  • Sustainable investing focused on environmental impact
  • Socially responsible investing that screens out companies associated with undesirable practices or product categories
  • Impact investing that drives a positive social or environmental outcome alongside financial returns

Secure Stakeholder Confidence with ESG Assurance

Deliver comprehensive ESG assurance to your key stakeholders with precise, reliable reporting —with engagements tailored to your defined key performance indicators (KPIs). Independent third-party attestation engagements and reviews can report on key ESG outcomes such as greenhouse gas emissions, sourced materials and commodities, green bond allocations, employment practices and human resources, board performance, microlending, equitable financial and economic programs, and more.

Independent assurance services help:

  • Solidify stakeholder confidence in the accuracy and reliability of your ESG reporting
  • Evaluate internal controls surrounding your data collection and reporting process
  • Meet external and supply chain reporting requirements
  • Identify process improvements and provide guidance on your reporting relative to industry competitors and peers

Strengthen and Assess Board Governance

Set the tone for your organization by implementing or updating governance practices that can help secure the confidence of your staff and stakeholders—and position your organization to respond to unexpected challenges and opportunities.

We work with boards, commissions, and committees to:

  • Assess board and committee effectiveness
  • Educate and train on effective governance, collaboration, and decision-making
  • Develop frameworks for decision-making and prioritization
  • Develop self-evaluation tools
  • Evaluate relationships between boards and executives

Expansive ESG Insights and Experience

Our clients aren’t the only industry leaders who look to us for guidance. Our professionals advise on ESG topics as members, chairs, spotlight speakers, and more for influential organizations and events such as the:

  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) Assurance Services Executive Committee (ASEC) Sustainability Task Force
  • Auditing Standards Board Sustainability Task Force
  • Society for Corporate Governance
  • United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Deeply immersed in 30+ industries, our professionals appreciate the nuances of each and can customize solutions to meet the needs and challenges present in your field.

Unbound from big-firm conventions, our forward-looking perspectives empower your business to embrace opportunity and pursue ESG goals in a dynamic, agile, and responsible manner—while maintaining focus on your main business operations.

We’re All In

Social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and inclusion and diversity are core to Moss Adams values and business practices—and drive how we engage our clients, people, and the communities in which we live and work.

In addition, the Moss Adams Foundation’s philanthropic impact supports charities, disaster relief, and universities and education initiatives. Learn more in our Foundation Report.

To bring together professionals with different perspectives and backgrounds and foster an inclusive culture, we take deliberate steps to increase diversity, create a sense of belonging, and cultivate and invest in the next generation of talent. A firmwide framework driven by awareness, action, and accountability also sustains our commitment to anti-racism. Learn more in our Inclusion & Diversity 2022 Annual Report.

And our work doesn’t go unnoticed. We’re proud of the awards and recognition we receive, including ranking among the Best Accounting Firms for Women by the Accounting MOVE Project and the top firms for diversity by Vault Accounting 50, as well as receiving Innovation in Diversity Awards from Profiles in Diversity Journal, and more.


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