Real Estate Family Office

With significant and complex assets to consider, family offices face complicated accounting needs that can drain precious time and resources—and shift focus away from value-add activities that help drive cash flow and your long-term mission and goals.

Receive support for your back-office accounting function with our professionals providing outsourced accounting services—as an extension to your current advisors, lawyers, CPAs, and other support systems or for comprehensive accounting needs.

Feel confident and have peace of mind your finances are in order and running the office smoothly—with the nuances of your family needs incorporated—so you can work to define, fulfill, and build your legacy across generations.

Comprehensive Accounting Support

In addition to traditional bookkeeping, financial, and tax preparation needs, our professionals can help bridge gaps between your various advisors.

Comprehensive, connected, and accurate balance sheets, investment reports, real estate valuations, and more that provide a full picture of your financial standing can help position you to act strategically and quickly should transactional or other opportunities unexpectedly emerge.

Leveraging technology to proactively monitor financial information that may not always be front of mind, our professionals can help you easily access important insights that could otherwise go overlooked or require significant process to surface when needed.

Key areas we can provide support include:

  • Bill payment and cash flow management
  • Expense categorization, including budget versus actual reporting, if desired
  • Preparation of gift and loan tracking schedules, including allowable annual exclusion amounts
  • Preparation of private equity schedules, including unfunded capital commitments, contributions, distributions, outside basis, and payment of capital calls
  • Private foundation donor-advised funds support, including preparation of form and reporting
  • Preparation of household employee payroll and associated government reporting
  • Customized reporting options, including profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheet net change by month, quarter, and year

Expansive Family Office and Real Estate Experience

Strengthening your financial position and sustainability over time and across generations requires foresight from an early stage and consistent focus on evolving. We deliver a collaborative and customized service experience so your decision-making process aligns with your personal goals.

Through estate planning, financial reporting, personal tax planning, charitable giving, insurance consulting, wealth management, and more our professionals work closely with individuals, families, and their businesses to help address the expansive areas involved in financial and personal planning. 


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