Process & Controls

In addition to our internal audit services, we provide a number of focused process and control solutions to help you resolve a wide range of organizational and operational challenges. These include:

SAP Processes and Controls

Systems Applications Products (SAP) software integrates your data and systems to improve visibility and productivity. However, more often than not organizations fail to implement desired system capabilities and make costly errors.

We can help you achieve your organization’s SAP goals, strengthen the IT environment critical to its success, and improve your efficiency and effectiveness while reducing your compliance costs. We bring extensive experience and a thorough understanding of SAP’s capabilities, providing SAP consulting services in six key areas:

  • Merger and acquisition integration
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
  • Implementation review
  • Business process reengineering
  • System leverage assessment
  • Revenue recognition

Agreed-Upon Procedures

We can serve as an independent practitioner to perform agreed-upon procedures established by two parties. We have extensive experience conducting these engagements, working proactively to gain a set of clear, precise procedures that address the nature, timing, and extent of the work to be done. Such planning helps avoid ambiguity later on that would inhibit achievement of your desired outcomes.

We can provide a report containing results that are clear and easily used by the specified parties to achieve validation of compliance and resolution of concerns. We have a diverse range of in-house expertise, allowing us to quickly assemble a project team capable of addressing unique technical and industry-specific matters.

Litigation Support

Contractual disputes are becoming more and more complex. Litigators often need articulate and credible financial consultants and experts to interpret and explain the complicated financial aspects of their cases. We bring a diverse array of auditing and financial professionals with the proven ability to develop and convey thorough and compelling analyses.

Control Assurance Services

You may want assurance on a specific set of controls or control processes. We can scale our services for one or more specific projects in a wide range of technical and industry areas, from construction to health care.

Our team of more than 50 practitioners, each steeped in a particular internal audit discipline, brings specialized expertise to each project, so you get seasoned auditors with finely tuned expertise and an average of more than 10 years of experience. You’ll benefit from the high return on investment our services provide.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud, theft, and many other types of business and accounting improprieties can cause significant harm to the people and companies involved. We’ve helped solve these problems for numerous individuals, companies, and law firms, allowing them to recover losses and get back to business.

Our team can investigate suspected fraud, abnormalities, and irregularities as well as provide expert witness testimony. With fraud examiners working closely with industry professionals, we have the training, experience, and bandwidth to help you fight fraud and recover from its effects.

Our forensic accounting and investigative experience includes:

  • Misappropriation of assets
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraudulent financial reporting
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy fraud
  • Insurance claims fraud
  • Litigation

We also offer extensive expertise in:

Fraud Risk Management

We can help you develop and evaluate your risk management program to decrease your vulnerability to fraud and misconduct. We use interviews, surveys, and focus groups to analyze your existing strategies, refine your fraud-risk profile, and establish the right protocols to avoid the types of problems your business is most susceptible to.

Data Analysis

We can uncover potentially fraudulent behavior with analytical tools that reveal inconsistencies in data. To do this, we employ both custom-made and industry-leading tools, including ACL software that analyzes and cross-references large amounts of data from disparate sources.

Outsourced Policies and Procedures Development

Your organization’s written policies and procedures matter—and are often crucial in contract disputes, compliance audits, internal controls implementation, and other scenarios. We can help you develop policies and procedures that follow industry best practices, improve efficiency, help prevent fraud, and comply with a wide range of regulatory requirements.

We’ve helped organizations in a number of industries develop policies and procedures related to:

  • Budget and expenditure management
  • Budget preparation
  • Federal contracts compliance
  • Cost accumulation and allocation
  • Provisional and final billing rates
  • Unallowable cost procedures
  • Estimating system procedures
  • Billing procedures and revenue recognition
  • Bond program compliance and construction cost controls
  • Treasury cash handling controls
  • Contract management
  • Corporate credit card controls
  • Information technology security policy
  • Labor payroll processing
  • Labor time entry charging
  • Labor upload payroll data to accounting system
  • Lines of authority and approval requirements
  • Loss contingency accounting and disclosure
  • Facilities master-plan requirements
  • Materials management
  • Procurement and payables
  • Program and project management


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