Data Solutions & Cloud Platforms

Empower your management to strategically act on insights derived from automated processes that structure and visualize your data.

By building cloud data solutions, your organization can integrate and address its needs when projects commence so your data-driven practices are customized for your goals and growth plans.

Reduce front-loaded costs of learning cloud systems, architectures, and strategies for yourself—especially if your organization struggles to maintain manual processes and is overwhelmed by data—with guidance from our professionals.

How Cloud-Based Data Solutions Transform Organizations

Cloud solutions can support organizations in these key areas.

Concentrated Management Insights

Assess the state of the business on a consistent schedule with data currency tailored to the cadence of your business. Designed visuals can help clarify data in an accessible and consolidated fashion.

Identify new areas of growth and improvement over time—as well as concerning areas that impact routine businesses practices that may need fixing—by tapping into the heartbeat of the organization’s financial and operational management.

Enhanced Security

Protect your critical data with cloud services packaged as a centralized repository to manage access to important data.

  • Integrated Threat Identification. Lockdown systems to provide access only to specified users with encryption integrated into every endpoint and workflow. Identify areas of risks within platforms before they can be exploited with automated stress testing.
  • User Permission Management. Assign special permissions to each user of the cloud service so they can view only what’s necessary for their role.

Advanced, Informative Analytics

Determine what challenges and opportunities may lay ahead by analyzing past data so you’re prepared to answer the ever-pressing question: “What happens next?”

Feed predictive analytics and forecasting into cloud solutions when pairing Python scripting with cloud services.

Create predictive analytics and real-time forecasting in the cloud by pairing machine learning cloud services with powerful languages such as Python.

Data solutions can be especially beneficial for organizations in:

  • Private equity
  • Health care
  • Telecommunications
  • Government services
  • Power and utilities
  • Manufacturing and consumer products
  • Agriculture

How the Process Works

Our professionals handle the set-up of the cloud-based platforms if not yet implemented. Once a cloud-based platform is determined, our team can define the ingestion, cleaning, and structuring of data feeds via secure extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes necessary to move data from your corporate platforms into the secure cloud environment.

The process creates repeatable and scheduled data imports that are secure and reliable and enforces business rules you set for data—maintaining its integrity so data isn’t lost and remains consistent with its value.

By unifying and consolidating previously detached data on a cloud platform, you’ll receive a hands-off solution that’s scalable and accessible from wherever your organization operates.

Expansive Analytic Expertise

Collaborating closely with your business leaders, our data professionals excel at developing customized solutions to meet your current state of data analytics and help you reach the next level.

Deeply immersed in more than 30 industries, our professionals have extensive knowledge in how analytics apply to different sectors and develop nuanced approaches based on customer experiences in the field in which you operate.


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