Project Management & Governance

Selecting the right system for your business is only the first step in gaining the value from your software. Managing the project implementation is complex and requires unique knowledge, skills, and time companies don’t often have available within their team.

While software vendors or system integrators can serve as an implementation partner, they often only focus on implementation without incorporating your team’s cohesive needs to coordinate multiple disparate systems. They may only provide initial support and implementation via prescribed templates, and their attention and commitment quickly shifts to other potential customers once your purchase is complete.

Seamlessly implement your new systems, manage risks, and position your systems to derive its intended value with our professionals monitoring scope, schedule, and budget issues—while also guiding the organization to execute on its long-term vision.

Customized Implementation and Project Management Support

Though vendors often assure businesses they understand your field of work and the nuances on which the system will need to execute as a result, our professionals match industry and technology insights to provide customized support throughout your implementation process.

Navigating logistical project management needs, our professionals can serve as outsourced support to help projects stay on schedule, verify necessary resources are available, and that all involved parties stay aligned on roles and responsibilities. We monitor and conduct status and stakeholder meetings and more as necessary.

Governance Guidance for Long-Term Success

Though addressing initial project management needs is crucial to keep up with the quick pace of implementation, businesses need to simultaneously take a future-minded approach.

In addition to immediate day-to-day needs, our professionals provide guidance to help strategically position systems to execute on future goals, priorities, and events—preventing current decisions and processes from limiting future abilities and agility if change is needed.

Expansive Technology and Industry Expertise

Deeply immersed in more than 30 industries, our professionals provide technology solutions specific to the nuances, challenges, and operations of the sector in which you operate.

We provide end-to-end assistance, from implementation to ongoing maintenance and enhancements so you feel confident and supported throughout the engagement and beyond.

Our professionals are certified and vendor-approved premier partners in a range of leading technologies. We guide clients of all profiles through all phases of technology maturity, from early start-ups to publicly traded Fortune 100 companies. Though we’re versed in various vendor capabilities, our professionals provide solutions tailored to your needs without biased ties to specific vendors.


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