Tax Structuring

Effectively Structure Your Organization

Business needs constantly evolve. Decisions that served your business well at its outset may no longer be applicable to your long-term goals and success. How you structure your business can have significant financial and personal implications.

As your business enters a new life cycle stage, eyes a sale or transition, tax laws change, or new goals or unexpected events arise, a tax restructure may place the business in a better position to act on its plans. It may be time to shift your status as C corporation or pass-through entity.

Strategically assess your tax structuring options and navigate the complex process with guidance from our professionals—so you can protect your tax liabilities while staying focused on what matters most to your business.

Why Should Your Business Consider a Tax Restructure?

Even if your current tax structure performed well for you in the past, it may not serve your future interests.

You may need to consider a new structure if:

  • The business is taxed at high rates
  • Tax rates changed or new tax laws passed since your initial formation
  • Owners face too many tax-filing obligations
  • Leadership has new visions for the business or it’s entering new markets or other jurisdictions
  • Owners’ interests are aligned differently from when the company formed, including those of new anticipated owners
  • A sale or other exit event is on the horizon

How We Help

Every business is unique and has its own nuances to consider. Collaborating closely with your leadership team, our professionals target specific tax concerns and assess how your current life cycle stage, differing ownership needs, timing of events, and other factors could impact your decision.

Educating your owners on the various incentives presented to a business through specific tax provisions, we’ll help you visualize how you can take advantage of such opportunities as taking ordinary losses or excluding gains, depending on how your plans prevail.

Confidently prepare for a sale or other exit option as well to clearly understand their respective opportunities and risks with our Due Diligence Services.

For new businesses assessing their initial structure, visit our Entity Formation Services.

Expansive Tax and Transaction Experience

More than 900 tax professionals
More than 900 tax professionals
More than 100 transaction advisory professionals
More than 100 transaction advisory professionals
More than 1,800 private equity clients
More than 1,800 private equity clients

Deeply immersed within the middle market, our professionals consistently engage with businesses as they prepare for sales, acquisitions, and other exit events.

Our Transaction Services professionals frequently provide guidance to businesses as they execute deals on both the buy- and sell-side—providing extensive insight to tailor solutions to your specific needs while contextualizing them among the larger business environment.

Our expansive Tax Practice also provides deep resources to assess the various tax implications entity types can have on your business, helping forecast potential challenges and opportunities.

Unbound from big-firm conventions, our professionals personally engage your business while delivering the depth of resources needed to pursue your next steps.

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