Reduce time preparing and completing data analysis with Alteryx, an analytic process automation (APA) tool. Drive efficiencies and cost-savings by automating the capturing, sharing, preparation, manipulation, and reporting of data so your employees and resources can devote time to value-add tasks and opportunities.

Expedite your Alteryx implementation and confidently navigate the development process with guidance from our professionals.

Jumpstarting APA initiatives with professional support can help realize a return on your Alteryx investment more quickly and empower your teams to strategically manage data. Our professionals can help you assess and identify automation opportunities—whether you’re an existing Alteryx user, recently acquired a new license, or  still exploring early automation.

Supported Guidance for Your Alteryx Initiatives

Alteryx implementation can help your team complete tasks faster, especially for businesses facing staff shortages or hoping to dedicate their talent to other projects.

Increase time reviewing and analyzing results of your automated data workflows so you can extract insights and make stronger, data-informed decisions.

Automation Support Across Your Organization

Though APA can support any organization that processes large amounts of data, departments and business functions that can be enhanced by Alteryx include:

  • Finance
  • Supply chain
  • Operations
  • Human resources
  • Sales and marketing

How the Process Works

Developing a customized approach for your business, our professionals will help guide you through the process as we:

  • Review your business processes to determine if Alteryx is the right tool for your business or could be leveraged with a combination of other tools
  • Conduct detailed process walkthrough to understand all data inputs, outputs, and business logic requirements that must be incorporated into the automated workflow
  • Develop Alteryx workflows
  • Conduct demo session to demonstrate workflow and teach operation methods
  • Conduct user acceptance testing using data inputs and run parallel test against automated reporting to previous manual reporting to confirm output requirements
  • Deliver workflow for operation in local environment

Workflow deliverables include automation deployed either:

  • Locally through Alteryx designer
  • On your server through Alteryx gallery, permitting anyone in your organization access to workflow design and for your organization to manage and maintain its control

In addition to working sessions with your team, detailed user guides will be provided to help you operate workflows, view explanations of all tools, understand instruction for deployment on your gallery, and more.

Expansive Automation Expertise

Deeply immersed in APA, our professionals are Alteryx-certified and possess a vast knowledge of how analytic process automation tools can be leveraged together to move your organization further along its data maturity curve.

Taking a holistic, hands-on approach to your automation needs, our professionals serve as advisors to evaluate and analyze the full potential for your strategies rather than simply providing automation in one area.

Serving more than 30 industries, our professionals can provide intel specific to the nuances, challenges, and operations of the sector in which you operate—so you’re empowered to make strategic decisions that can help fuel growth.

We provide end-to-end assistance, from implementation to ongoing maintenance and enhancements so you feel confident and supported throughout the engagement.


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