Strategy & Operations

Prepare Your Organization for Its Future

Move your organization forward by identifying opportunities to be more efficient and effective, improve processes, and leverage advances in systems and technology.

By focusing on strategic and operational improvements, you can confidently navigate periods of significant change and support employees as they help your organization achieve its goals and full aspirations—meeting expectations from governing bodies, the public, customers, and other important stakeholders in the process.

Through holistic assessments of your operating environment, we help you create road maps to align organizational goals and purpose, prioritize competing initiatives, and execute your mission while maintaining momentum into the future.

Key Focus Areas

Identify the root cause of issues, transform teams and culture, streamline processes, and more to enhance your organization with practical, achievable solutions.

Taking a comprehensive approach to your organization, our professionals identify opportunities around distinct yet interrelated operational components.

  • People. Support your team members to work together efficiently. Determine if the right talent holds appropriate roles and if capacity is suitable for each function—creating better work environments in the process.
  • Process. Replace or fix internal processes that may be overly manual or burdensome to employees and prevent them from moving organizational goals forward.
  • Systems. Determine whether systems function as needed to reach goals and are integrated appropriately or restrict your ability to monitor progress.

Proactively plan for your next phase with support through:

  • Organizational & Operational Assessments. Set up your organization to achieve goals—whether organization-wide or for one department, program, or function—by aligning organizational structure, identifying potential barriers to success, and defining necessary processes.
  • Organizational Planning & Strategy. Develop a clear, proactive vision for the future to help improve operational performance, manage change, motivate personnel, and plan for orderly leadership transitions—with clarity, urgency, and purpose rather than reactionary impulses.
  • Governance. Develop effective governance practices for your boards, councils, and committees by focusing on strategic leadership and management alignment, accountability processes, improved collaboration, defined roles and responsibilities, and more.
  • Capital Projects Advisory. Maintain compliance, reduce risk, keep projects on-schedule, and assure stakeholder satisfaction with regular audits of your construction contract requirements, performance, and progress.
  • Human Capital Advisory. Transform your HR organization to bring greater value to the business by managing your workforce with the right culture, people, process, and technology in place—and build your capabilities and competitive advantage.

Expansive Operations Expertise

Deeply immersed in more than 30 industries, our professionals provide solutions for an expansive range of organizations, including tax-exempt entities in government services, higher education, not-for-profits, Tribal and gaming, and power and utilities as well as private and publicly held businesses.

Collaborating closely with your leadership, we elevate your leaders as experts in their field and match our professional recommendations with your tangible organizational experiences and insights. Strategies are designed specific to the nuances, external factors, and marketplace challenges of the field in which you operate—as well as your organization’s unique needs and mission.

Instead of providing generic templates or toolkits, we develop and customize appropriate solutions that help build up your organization and provide a foundation for long-term success—so you’re prepared to embrace change.


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