Controversy & Dispute Resolution

Obtain Resolution

Blending pragmatism with optimism means approaching a dispute knowing the manner in which these controversies are handled can have a significant impact on the outcome.  Analyze your tax risks and exposure to effectively manage federal and state exams, controversies, and other procedural matters, saving valuable time and potentially reducing your tax exposure.

Federal Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution

The IRS has broad statutory authority to examine taxpayers and make tax assessments, levy or lien assets, and assess penalties. If you’re facing an IRS examination or need representation, leverage our firm’s technical expertise to help you better understand potential issues. Our experienced tax professionals can work with you to develop strategies for handling examination issues; effectively present and argue complex tax positions; and manage and resolve tax disputes, controversies, and other procedural matters.

State & Local Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution

As state and local tax jurisdictions continue to increase enforcement of tax laws and regulations, being prepared for a potential audit—and the subsequent protest, appeals, and settlement processes it can entail—helps you secure the resolution you want. We can provide guidance and representation that protects your interests at every step of the process, from the audit to a potential settlement or appeals process.

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