Transactions Consulting

Accelerate Your Deal Cycle

Information is your most important asset in any transaction. It has to be timely, thorough, and meet your objectives. That’s why you need an advisory firm that’s reliable, available, and understands your business at each stage of the deal cycle—from planning and due diligence to exit.

With nimble and industry-focused teams, Moss Adams is small enough to be on speed dial, yet large enough to tackle your most complex tax, accounting, and business challenges. As each deal presents unique opportunities, your engagement team takes a personalized approach to work with you to identify your specific objectives before adapting our proven processes to best achieve them.

Discover more about how Moss Adams can help your organization with its next transaction through:


Learn how the economic landscape could provide opportunity for buyers to benefit from purchasing assets while still allowing sellers to sell stock.

The M&A market has experienced disruption during the pandemic. Explore potential transaction challenges and focus areas.

Learn how focusing on short-term cash flow, cost structures, and more can help reduce risk during transactions.

Prepare your business for recovery after coronavirus by considering the risk and trade-offs of near-term decisions on long-term growth.

Recapitalization plans can help your business stay viable during coronavirus through lender negotiations, junior capital sources, and more.

Learn how business recovery plans and restructuring services can help prepare your business for liquidity caused by coronavirus disruption.