Valuation Litigation Support

Successfully resolving legal disputes depends on skillfully prepared evidence and proper resources—as well as a deep understanding of amounts parties may be owed—to validate your claims.

Whether you seek to buy out a minority-interest owner or file a lost profit claim with an insurance provider, our professionals provide detailed valuation litigation support to assist clients, attorneys, and law professionals across a broad range of issues—and can provide expert witness testimony in support of our work to further solidify your case.

Key Focus Areas

Explore key focus areas where our professionals provide support.

Partner or Shareholder Buyouts and Disputes

A partner or shareholder buyout or dispute can be costly and time consuming, especially if no buyout agreement exists.

Confidently navigate this sensitive process with our seasoned valuation professionals who can assist in understanding the potential financial implications of your buyout or dispute. Our professionals provide valuation support in acquisitions, divestitures, and partner and shareholder disputes.

Economic Damage Analysis

Our professionals work with you to analyze and reconstruct events to calculate economic losses resulting from breach of contract, civil actions, or illegal acts, including the exploitation of intellectual property.

Our valuation professionals tap into their deep industry experience to help prove clients suffered damages, conducting an extensive analysis to support those claims.

Business Interruption and Lost Profit Claims

Calculate your lost profits and damages with an in-depth business interruption loss analysis following an unexpected event or challenge.

Your interruption insurance policy could prove crucial to providing funds necessary for recovery during an event such as a pandemic, natural disaster, or other circumstances beyond your control.

Establishing an insured’s claim for lost business income due to business interruption can be a detailed and complex process that involves calculations based on financial statements and other indicators—and it must be done quickly to ensure insurance company payment.

Feel confident the lost profits analysis will advance seamlessly so claims are complete and accurate, and you can access the amount you’re owed.

Marital Dissolution

Determining the value of a privately held business owned by a couple during the divorce process is a key step when working to divide assets and liabilities through the equitable distribution process. 

Our professionals know that the jurisdiction and the specifics of the case must be understood to produce a defensible valuation in a marital dissolution setting. 

We can provide application of valuation discounts, identify intangible assets, assess passive or nonpassive appreciation of the business, and navigate reasonable compensation issues.

Expert Testimony and Evidence Gathering

Use detailed exhibits, documents, and testimony provided by our professionals to efficiently aid successful resolution of your disputes, whether you go to trial or forgo the process through an arbitration and mediation.

Our one-firm approach allows our valuations professionals to tap into deep technical and industry resources as well as our data analytics teams to provide accurate, relevant, and meaningful insights for your legal disputes.

Our team understands the nuances of the landscape in which the subject business operates. With our clients’ interests in mind, we provide a comprehensive valuation analysis supported by deep industry knowledge and credible data.

Forgoing a trial for arbitration and mediation proceedings can help ensure confidentiality for disputing parties as well as the opportunity for a streamlined and efficient process.

We provide expert witness testimony in depositions and other court-related manners, as well as serve as a third-party appraiser—either jointly hired by the involved parties or court-appointed.

Industry-Focused Insights

Our professionals support more than 30 industries and a range of business areas with specialized valuation knowledge in key sectors and interests such as:


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