Valuation Litigation Support

Successfully resolving legal disputes depends on skillfully prepared evidence and proper resources to validate your claims.

Our valuation professionals use deep industry-focused knowledge to assist clients, attorneys, and law professionals across a range of issues and can provide expert witness testimony in support of our work.

We can provide your business with detailed valuation litigation support—whether you’re seeking to buy-out a minority-interest owner or filing lost profit claims with insurance providers.

Insight into business valuations can be provided for:

  • Shareholder buy-outs
  • Marital dissolutions
  • Arbitration and mediation purposes
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Lost profits due to a specific event or claim

We can also provide testimony in depositions and other court-related manners, as well as serve as a third-party appraiser—either jointly hired by the involved parties or court-appointed.

Business Interruption and Lost Profits Claims

Businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic might need to provide an accurate business valuation in a court setting.

Your company’s business interruption insurance policy could prove crucial to providing funds necessary for its recovery during the pandemic, a natural disaster, or other circumstances beyond your control.

Insurance companies often refuse to pay claims when policyholders provide late notices. Submitting your claims as soon as possible is crucial—even if you have doubts about your coverage.

Determining Your Losses

Our professionals can perform an in-depth business interruption loss analysis that calculates your lost profits and damages.

Comparing your business’ typical cash flow prior to the pandemic, or other event, can help depict the full impact on your business—and provide a road map to proceed with insurance claims.

Guidance Through Evolving Landscapes

Filing insurance claims now can help establish your company’s right to contest the claim as the legal landscape continues to shift in response to the pandemic. Your business could face conflicting government mandates at the county, state, or federal level for the areas where you operate.

Certain states require insurance companies to investigate all business interruption claims caused by COVID-19, and some state legislators have introduced bills to retroactively expand business interruption losses from COVID-19. Our professional will keep you versed on the evolving changes and advise you on any necessary adjustments so you can stay focused on keeping your current operations moving forward.

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