Income and Franchise Tax

As states expand already complex tax codes to collect more revenue, following an informed, thorough tax strategy can help reduce your overall state and local income tax burden, increase cash flow, and reduce compliance and audit risk.

Income Tax Risks and Solutions

E-commerce and online sales have blurred the lines on a state’s right to tax income derived from the sale of goods or services. To retain and increase tax revenues, aggressive regulations and policies are being implemented by numerous states to apportion or source more income to their respective jurisdictions.

Carefully addressing income and franchise tax issues can be especially important if your business recently:

  • Expanded, most notably into different states
  • Changed your product or service offerings
  • Expanded or changed delivery methods for e-commerce
  • Increased your online marketing and sales activities
  • Underwent significant structural or business changes

Taking a strategic approach to your income tax obligations can help your business in the following ways.

Sales and use taxes can be among the most difficult income tax obligations to accurately assess. Confidently register, file, and remit your obligations with our tax Sales and Use Tax Compliance Services.

Expansive Expertise for Local Needs

Working closely with your business leaders, our professionals provide a customized road map to effectively overcome income tax challenges specific to your business.

We can help you stay ahead of the curve of changing tax laws, while identifying key financial opportunities so you can be more agile in ever-competitive marketplaces.

In addition, we can facilitate communications between you and state and local tax authorities, as well as assist with audits and appeals representation and resolution.

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