State & Local Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution

Many state and local revenue agencies are aggressively increasing enforcement activities to close funding gaps from increased revenue shortage. These agencies possess broad authority to examine taxpayers, make tax adjustments, levy assets, and assess penalties—and deadlines to resolve tax disputes are often short and require immediate attention.

Protect your interests, maintain compliance with the changing requirements, and, if contacted, navigate the complex state procedures right from the inception of a controversy by engaging our tax specialists.

Anticipate and Address Disputes

State and local tax disputes are increasingly common for individuals, trusts, and business entities and often include challenges related to:

  • Income and franchise tax
  • Residency and income sourcing
  • Transaction reporting and elections
  • Sales and use tax
  • Remote workforce and independent contractors
  • Property tax

Many local governments are enacting new tax regimes that require providing additional reporting and data. Proactively working to stay ahead of such events can be the most effective prevention against a chaotic audit.

If contacted, how you or your business handle a dispute can determine the difference between receiving a significant tax bill or refund.

Each state and locality have unique, and often complex, processes to resolve disputes. Confidently prepare for a potential audit and the administrative dispute processes with guidance at every step.

Our professionals can solidify your business standing by helping:

  • Evaluate pending transactions and assist in planning to avoid unexpected tax assessments
  • Determine extent of tax exposure and develop a plan to reduce risk
  • Identify potential refunds and offsets overlooked by the revenue agencies
  • Represent and advocate on your behalf if notified of an exam
  • Resolve disputes through negotiations or settlements if needed

Deep Insight for Expansive Issues

Our clients save tens of millions of dollars each year by successfully managing audits and negotiating favorable settlements with our assistance.

Combining technical expertise and strong relationships with government officials that keep us at the forefront of new regulations and proposed rule changes and legislation before becoming law, our professionals understand how to outline a seamless resolution plan to expedite and successfully solve time-consuming disputes.

With collective decades of government experience—including with the California Franchise Tax Board, Washington and Colorado Departments of Revenue, and other state and local agencies —our professionals provide insight into how revenue authorities approach specific matters and target items in their audits.

Our tax team can discernably help scrutinize audit issues under exam, recognize areas of concern, and identify refund opportunities state auditors hope taxpayers won’t raise during examinations—as well as potential previously undiscovered refund options.

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