Dashboarding & KPIs

Drive and create business value by tapping into your business’s data with data analytics to discover significant insights through specialized technology and forecasting tools.

Spreadsheets are a mainstay of business processes, but their inefficiencies create risks and unexpected costs that can be avoided in a data-driven culture. Transform your spreadsheet-based processes into an automated and streamlined set of dashboards and reporting tools—using applications such as Tableau, Power BI, and Domo—to make more informed decisions.

Implement an easy-to-use data solution that delivers customized dashboard and reporting tools and showcases high-value data—automated to update daily—specific to succeeding in your field.

Solutions for Data Challenges

Key focus areas to analyze and leverage your data include:

  • Industry-focused metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Determine which data sets and KPIs are crucial to monitor for the nuances of your business and industry.
  • Industry benchmarking. Compare your data to industry standards to assess your position against competition.
  • Process automation. Collect the data for reporting automatically and at the proper moment to free up time your staff would otherwise spend manually collecting and combining the data.
  • Proper access. Modern data solutions can give access to the right data for the right people. Advanced security and permissions tools can help your team see everything they need. 

Cut through overhead and lead time to create a more efficient approach for your highly repeatable data extraction and reporting processes.

Data analytics can help you:

  • See the greater context of how elements of your business interact
  • Enable managers and leaders to make decisions with a view of the bigger picture and work together from a common frame of reference
  • Reduce wasted time extracting and transforming data from ERP and transactional databases
  • Avoid manually reformatting and reconciling data using spreadsheets
  • Reduce risks of human error that affect data accuracy and completeness
  • Stay ahead of the ever-changing technological environment
  • Provide direct, curated access to organizational source data

How to Transform Your Data Collection Process

Our professionals guide you every step of the way as you overhaul your current applications.

Expansive Data and Industry Expertise

Deeply engaged in more than 30 industries, our professionals leverage the expertise of our industry leaders to develop strategies based on the nuances and key focus areas of the sector in which you operate.

Our professionals are immersed in data with varying backgrounds including data analysts and scientists and software developers that specialize in developing data warehouses, creating process to seamlessly move data across organizations, and implementing data visualization solutions.

Collaborating closely with your business leaders, we identify customized solutions specific to the needs of your business.  


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