CSA STAR Attestation and Certification Services

Organizations which have components of their infrastructure hosted in the cloud environment face growing threats and exposures that could cause significant damage to operations and client relationships.

Demonstrate your security posture and provide assurance to your customers or prospects by leveraging the Cloud Security Alliance’s Security, Trust, Assurance, and Risk (CSA STAR) program—with our professionals providing the independent assessment required for achieving Level 2 compliance.

The STAR Level 2 allows organizations to demonstrate compliance to their customers and maintain confidence that the organization cloud security posture has been developed addressing critical risks so organizations can stay focused on their key business objectives.

CSA STAR Assessment Benefits

CSA STAR is a compliance program, which uses the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) to assess your cloud security practices.  

Benefits of CSA STAR certification can include:

  • Marketplace credibility. Position yourself as a proactive organization and trusted cloud vendor as the number of providers required to have a SOC 2 + STAR attestation report or ISO 27001 + STAR certification prior to engaging continues to grow.
  • Assurance to potential customers. Demonstrate you understand how to protect and serve data and your cloud environment.
  • Validate internal practices. Verify the safety of your company’s cloud environment aligns with your current expectations.

How We Support Your Organization During the Process

Our professionals are certified to assist with CSA STAR readiness assessments, and work with you as an independent assessor to perform related attestations and certifications.

During the readiness assessment, we provide detailed feedback that breaks down your cloud security practices to a granular level to isolate and target key areas that may be at risk.

Beyond the initial readiness assessment we help build foundations for long-term success, so you’re prepared to stay ahead of change and address new risks and challenges.

Expansive SAAS, Industry, and Security Experience

Our professionals understand the nuanced operations of SAAS companies and other organizations that handle secured information and the customer demands required of vendors.

Deeply immersed in more than 30 industries, our professionals provide solutions specific to the nuances, challenges, and operations of the sector in which you work—while customizing plans to meet your unique needs.

Our team includes certified professionals with experience auditing against the CSA STAR framework. Our one-firm approach allows your organization to tap into the full resources of our firm, integrating guidance and solutions related to other integral support areas.

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