Organizational Planning & Strategy

Develop Strategies for Long-Term Success

Every organization wants to move forward with a clear road map. But getting caught up in day-to-day operations can prevent you from effectively establishing long-range plans, vision, or direction.

Proactively plan for the future—rather than impulsively react to unexpected events—so you have a solid foundation to take your organization where it wants to be.

With guidance from our professionals, you can align your organizational goals and plans to improve efficiency and effectiveness across the organization so that leadership, departments, and teams work together cohesively. With detailed visions in place, your organization can boost employee engagement—assuring that your people are invested in shaping your future.

Strategic Focus for Future Initiatives

Organizational strategy and planning can help you:

  • Improve the quality of strategic guidance by gathering input from management, staff, leadership, and stakeholders
  • Improve operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Engage staff to align them with your organization’s overarching goals
  • Foster business continuity and resilience
  • Identify key indicators of success for tracking and communicating progress through performance evaluation frameworks

Key Focus Areas

Develop plans and strategies with practical solutions for your organization’s current and future success across these critical areas.

Management Succession Planning

Management succession planning is central to the sustainability of your organization. By planning in advance, you can weather leadership transitions without major disruptions to business operations and organizational culture.

Together, we can plan and implement succession strategies by assessing current leadership needs and challenges, evaluating options for ideal succession and professional development strategies, and developing toolkits for organization-wide planning efforts.

Whether the organization is in start-up, growth, or maturity mode, we can tailor a comprehensive succession strategy to support your team’s future.

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement is a systematic approach used to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations, programs, or projects; monitor whether you are on track to achieve your desired goals; and clearly demonstrate the value of your efforts.

Effective performance measurement employs key performance indicators to present a data-based picture of whether or not organizational activities achieve the desired objectives.

Performance measurement can help address organizational challenges such as prioritizing results important to stakeholders; improving results within resource-constrained environment; and increasing trust and confidence with stakeholders and employees.

Strategic Planning

A strong multiyear strategic plan empowers your organization with a vision to guide decisions and a clear path to achieve the desired future state.

By leveraging a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis in combination with a step-by-step, data-driven, and practical process, we’ll help you identify your organization’s long- and short-term vision, mission, and core values along with target customers or stakeholders, key competitors, and key performance indicators.

We’ll collaboratively develop creative outreach methods to fully engage internal and external stakeholders—thereby gaining access to employee insights and support while increasing engagement levels.

Our team focuses on vetting plans for feasibility, affordability, and practicality throughout the facilitation process. As part of this process, we will establish an implementation framework to track progress and make the strategic plan an integrated part of ongoing management.

How the Process Works

Planning initiatives often include the following collaborative efforts with your leadership:

  • Project initiation. Confirm expectations and review overall project scope, logistics, deliverables, timing, and progress reporting requirements.
  • Fact-finding. Conduct a comprehensive review of relevant documents, perform interviews, host focus groups, and administer surveys. If applicable, a full SWOT analysis can serve as the foundation for your organization’s planning effort.
  • Stakeholder engagement. Collaboratively develop an outreach and engagement plan tailored to engage your critical stakeholders with activities such as focus groups, open houses, virtual roundtables, and community surveys.
  • Collaborative work sessions. Surface key goals, activities, and success indicators for leadership.
  • Plan development. Develop plan drafts for review and approval by leadership.

Expansive Operational Expertise

Moss Adams has helped over 2,000 organizations gain clarity on priorities for improving operational performance, managing growth, motivating personnel, and planning for orderly leadership transitions.

We understand that well-meaning plans that aren’t put into practical action are ultimately useless. Our professionals focus on grounding the plans we facilitate in practical realities so your organization can leverage and implement them.

We engage internal and external stakeholders at all levels to increase buy-in to plans and have developed implementation tools to enable leadership teams to track progress and keep work moving forward. 

By collaborating closely with your leadership, we develop strategies that combine our professional expertise with your tangible organizational experiences and insights. Strategies are designed specific to the nuances, external factors, and marketplace challenges of the field in which you operate—as well as your organization’s unique needs and mission.


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