Strategic Planning

For leaders in a dynamic environment aiming to chart a new course for their organization, a comprehensive strategic plan can provide a clear route to realizing your vision.

Strategic planning can empower leadership during uncertain times and mitigate the risk of being overwhelmed by competing priorities or losing momentum.

Objective, experienced guidance in setting priorities and identifying key organizational needs can offer staff, management, and governing boards a crucial source of alignment and clarity. Strategic planning is a powerful tool for improving key functions across your systems, processes, and teams.

Empower Intentional Leadership

Our strategic planning process aligns all relevant stakeholders in your organization around the right path forward, giving you the opportunity to be proactive and to create momentum around key initiatives.

We offer your leadership team a clear and easy process, resulting in a practical plan with structured goals and objectives, critical actions, and performance measures. Our iterative process helps to increase buy-in to the plan and lays the foundation for continuous cycles of improvement across your organization.

At the end of your strategic planning process, your leadership, management, and staff teams can share a united focus and an actionable set of well-defined priorities.

How the Process Works

Our process is rooted in developing a deep understanding of your organization's goals, opportunities, and unique operational challenges while integrating our insights leveraged from previous experience with organizations like yours. 

We develop actionable strategic plans by combining a disciplined, well-informed approach with tactical flexibility and attentiveness to your specific needs.

Engagements often include a four-phase approach:

  • Kick-off and Management. Create a work plan that outlines project scope, approach, and timeline. Determine key people to interview or survey, documents to review, when and how to share results, and how to report project status. 
  • Fact-Finding and Stakeholder Engagement. Obtain the most current information available—and insights from your organization and selected stakeholders—through fieldwork including documentation review, interviews, focus groups, and staff or stakeholder surveys. Conduct an environmental scan and develop a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis to identify key areas of focus.
  • Facilitation. Conduct a series of facilitated planning sessions with organizational leadership to develop the plan’s formal components—including mission, vision, values, goals, objectives, and performance metrics. Key insights gathered from staff and stakeholders are used to inform each session.
  • Reporting. Produce a draft strategic plan for review by organizational leadership, staff, and stakeholders. Once feedback is incorporated, facilitate the production and adoption of a finalized strategic plan. Implementation templates or other tools to support ongoing management and reporting related to the strategic plan may also be developed at this stage.

Expansive Strategic Planning Experience

We are deeply familiar with the process of uncovering all relevant institutional factors and bringing people together to create an actionable plan. Usually, the scale and nature of this work make an in-house or piecemeal approach challenging—it can be difficult to make time and space for this type of work when your leadership team must focus on day-to-day priorities.

 As an objective external partner who’s successfully honed our approach over many years, we can help make strategic planning an achievable, enjoyable, and useful process for all involved.

Our professionals are deeply knowledgeable, with practical experience across more than 30 industries including the public, not-for-profit, and for-profit sectors. We have applied expertise in relevant frameworks and methodologies and will tailor our approach to both your needs and your organizational culture.

When you partner with Moss Adams, you get access to our deep bench of knowledgeable consultants across disciplines and industries. You also tap into our ability to lead crucial, comprehensive processes with ease and confidence, resulting in an experience that’s empowering, focused, and rewarding for your leadership team and organization.

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