Succeed at Home and Abroad

Navigate your global business goals—whether you’re conducting business abroad or you’re an international company seeking accounting and consulting services in the United States—with guidance from our International Practices.

Through our alliance with Praxity, our reach spans 103 countries and territories and provides access to local markets and more than 35,400 local professionals with on-the-ground knowledge. Discover how our International Practices can help your business thrive.

China Practice

With more than 70 professionals fluent in Chinese and English, we serve Chinese enterprises with US subsidiaries, help businesses prepare IPOs, find funding in the United States or potential merger and acquisition candidates, and more.

India Practice

Our India Practice serves India-based companies with US subsidiaries, US companies with Indian subsidiaries, family offices, venture and private equity firms, technology companies, and more.

Latin America Practice

Serving clients in Mexico and South America, our professionals help more than 125 venture capital-backed portfolios, agribusiness and manufacturing companies, technology and life sciences businesses, and more.