Organizational Assessments

Organizational assessments—a systematic and comprehensive evaluation of your operations, structure, culture, and performance—can be a powerful action for organizations looking to improve performance, enhance operations, and strengthen your ability to achieve goals.

Through analysis of people, processes, systems, and culture, organizational assessments identify areas where you can improve performance and effectiveness—and help develop an action plan for making those improvements.

Organizational assessment results can guide decision-making, resource allocation, and prioritization of areas for improvement. Gain insights into your operations and performance, identify opportunities, and strengthen your operations with assessments from our professionals. 

Strategies to Enhance Performance

Organizational assessments aim to improve the performance and effectiveness of your organization by understanding your current state, identifying areas for improvement, and developing effective strategies to address them.

Specifically, organizational assessments can be used to:

  • Understand Your Current State. Identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement to reveal areas where your organization can improve.
  • Improve Organizational Performance. Build a roadmap for improving organizational performance by identifying opportunities in areas such as strategy, structure, processes, culture, and talent management.
  • Identify and Mitigate Risks. Uncover potential risks and vulnerabilities in your operations and develop a plan to reduce them. By proactively addressing risks, your organization can soften their impact and protect itself from potential harm.
  • Enhance Employee Engagement and Retention. Assess your culture and identify areas that can boost employee engagement. By creating a positive work environment that values and supports your employees, your organization can attract and retain top talent and foster a culture of innovation and growth.
  • Pursue Long-Term Success. Align your organization's strategy, structure, processes, culture, and talent management with your goals and objectives. By creating a clear and actionable plan for the future, your organization can work to achieve its full potential.

Strategic Organizational Assessment Approach

Our professionals balance analytical and interpersonal skills and have a deep understanding of organizational behavior, research methods, and change management practices that can help improve your outcomes, including:

  • Organizational Development. We understand what foundational needs organizations require to transform and improve. In addition to over 30 years of experience performing organizational development work, our team has certifications, such as Organizational Development Certified Professional (OCDP), and degrees in organizational development essential for conducting effective organizational assessments, including organizational structure, culture, and behavior.
  • Research and Data Analysis. Collecting and analyzing large amounts of data using various methods, such as surveys, interviews, gap analysis, and strategic benchmarking, we help surface information that’s key to reveal the appropriate path forward.
  • Communication. We provide clear and concise reports so findings and recommendations for stakeholders include directions for next steps.
  • Project Management. Developing project plans, managing timelines and deadlines, and more, we help keep complex projects organized and within budget.
  • Change Management. Our team also maintains certifications in various change management methodologies to help develop strategies to implement changes and keep stakeholders engaged and informed throughout the process.

Expansive Organizational Assessment Experience

With experience in more than 30 industries, our consultants drive deep and broad results for an expansive range of organizations, including tax-exempt entities in government services, higher education, not-for-profits, Tribal and gaming, power and utilities, and more.

We know the unique complexities and incentives of these organizations and can confidently deliver work that’s sensitive to the diverse needs of various customers, departments, and stakeholders in a resource-constrained environment. 

By tailoring our approach to your organization's operating environment, we go beyond a templatized, one-size-fits-all approach. Your organization can also access the knowledge and toolkits of our deep bench of professionals across disciplines so relevant opportunities and risks are accounted for in assessments and recommendations.


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