Estate & Gift Valuations

Understanding and Managing Estate and Gift Valuations

When it comes to estates, proper planning and execution are critical to ensuring that business assets end up in the hands of chosen heirs—and to avoiding or deferring tax for the benefit of future generations.

The crucial first step? Knowing exactly how much your business—or your share of it—is worth.

Thousands of business owners and their advisors have turned to us for valuation analysis and consulting services. Our experience gives us keen insight into the big-picture scenarios facing owners, as well as all the details that add up to an accurate and supportable valuation.

Our estate and gift services have included the valuation of:

  • Minority and controlling interests in corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies
  • Promissory notes in connection with estates, gifts, sales, and exchanges in grantor retained annuity trusts
  • Fractional interests in promissory notes and real estate

Our valuation professionals work with attorneys who specialize in handling estates, gifts, or sales of assets among family members. We provide valuation information to family members to help them make informed decisions regarding their financial interests and comply with IRS reporting requirements.

We also assist with negotiation and consulting services for IRS settlement purposes, and facilitating ownership transitions and wealth preservation objectives.

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