Performance Measurement

Performance measures are a powerful tool that can help your organization track progress, make data-driven decisions, and enhance operations to achieve stronger results.

Strategic performance measurement can help provide decision-makers across your organization the data and processes necessary to continuously refine tactics and strategies while working towards clear, measurable goals.

Evaluate your organization’s current standing to clarify the path towards improved performance with guidance and process implementation from our professionals.

Drive Organizational Improvements

Performance measures can address vast facets of your organization to help:

  • Monitor progress towards specific goals or objectives
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of different strategies or approaches
  • Provide performance feedback to employees or stakeholders
  • Measure performance of an individual initiative or area of work within the larger organization
  • Compare the performance of different processes to identify strategic practices and areas for improvement

Additionally, effective performance measures can help you improve your organizational performance, increase accountability and transparency, comply with legal or regulatory requirements, gain a competitive advantage, and meet other strategic objectives.

Tapping into your available data, performance measurement can put your data to work in an intelligent, goal-oriented manner that allows for consistent, verifiable, repeatable approaches to track performance of core functions and scenarios.

Key Focus Areas

Our professionals help organizations at any stage establish a strong foundation to better understand and effectively communicate metrics—boosting efficiency and accountability.

Regular performance reporting with meaningful metrics can help you establish cycles of clarity, execution, and refinement throughout your organization.

From establishing new performance measures to assessing existing performance measures, we can provide:

  • Performance measurement development. Develop customized performance measures that align with your goals and objectives. Identify outcome-based priorities and develop data collection and analysis methods that deliver valuable insights into performance.
  • Performance measurement processes. Implement developed measurement frameworks seamlessly by defining processes for data collection and analysis, and training staff on new procedures. Create processes that help build confidence that collected data is accurate and reliable, and analysis methods are appropriate and effective.
  • Performance measurement evaluation and enhancement. Evaluate your performance measures and processes on an ongoing basis to monitor if they remain effective and efficient.

Our professionals partner with your internal teams to help enhance your data collection environment and empower your organization with a foundation to remain responsive and resilient in the face of changing requirements and emerging challenges.

Strategic Performance Measurement Approach

Our process is rooted in developing a deep understanding of your organization's goals, opportunities, and unique operational challenges, and includes:

  • Measurement and evaluation. Design and implement effective performance measures through various types of data collection techniques, such as surveys, interviews, and observations, as well as statistical analysis methods.
  • Data analysis. Identify, analyze, and interpret crucial information to bring forward meaningful insights and enhance impact through analytical skills and data visualization and assessment.
  • Performance management. Develop effective performance measures that align with your objectives, including understanding performance measures at various levels within your organization and what information is most meaningful to drive results.
  • Communication. Receive data in a clear and compelling manner with communications tailored to the needs of different stakeholders, including managers, employees, and external partners.

Expansive Performance Measurement Experience

We bring decades of practical experience and a rigorous commitment to fact-finding and fieldwork to our flexible, proven processes.

Deeply immersed in over 30 industries including government services, higher education, not-for-profits, Tribal and gaming, power and utilities, and more, we inherently understand the unique operational complexity and incentives that high-performing organizations in these spaces must master to succeed.

Through engaged collaboration and equipped with a vast toolkit of established practices and tactics, we tailor our approach to suit your organization's needs, goals, and operational environment.

Our deep bench of professionals across consulting, tax, and financial disciplines allows us to give you a comprehensive view of your opportunities for improvement and a full accounting of the considerations and risks adjacent to the work we perform.

We work closely with your leadership and other key stakeholders, anticipating your needs, giving you consistent updates, asking the right questions, and delivering impactful analyses. With depth and detail, our guidance is designed to take root in your organization and lead to ongoing, far-reaching growth and improvement.

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