IPO Solutions

Move Forward with Confidence

Successful planning is key to IPO readiness. No two companies present the same complexities during the IPO process—but all companies need to provide assurance to their stakeholders prior to going public.

Our integrated readiness approach can help you tackle the many challenges and complications that arise during an IPO, while instilling confidence in those who hold a stake in its success.

A Holistic Approach

The approach can be broken down into a review, analysis, and strengthening of the following four parts of your company’s infrastructure, or IPO readiness categories:

Technical Accounting and Reporting

During this stage of the IPO, the team digs deep into your company’s infrastructure, providing the following key services:

  • Consulting on new accounting standards, including the new revenue and lease standards
  • Assisting with registration statements and accounting for stock-based compensation
  • Providing financial statement and audit support and business advice to executives and audit committees
  • Responding to SEC comment letters
  • Evaluating equity and liability instruments

Corporate Governance and Controls

After analyzing your company’s infrastructure, our professionals will review your business’s internal controls—followed by these steps:

  • Establish or improve internal control structures
  • Create an internal audit function or improve an existing one
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Provide ongoing education as regulations and public perceptions change

Other Infrastructure Components

During this stage of the IPO, your team provides additional services, such as analyzing your IT systems and valuations. Here are a few of the IT services we offer:

  • System and Organization Controls (SOC) 1, 2, and 3 services
  • Systems assessment, planning, and selection
  • Systems implementation (ERP, CPM, HR)
  • Process improvement

Accounting for Taxes

Preparing for tax provisions can be an overwhelming task given the tight reporting deadlines and complex accounting rules.

Your IPO team will have significant experience preparing and reviewing tax provisions and performing tax-provision-related services for companies with domestic and international operations.

IPO Readiness

Professionals who provide tax, accounting, consulting, and IT analysis specific to your business will assist your company in every stage of the IPO process.

Here’s a closer look at each of the four IPO readiness categories and some of the topics your team will help you address:

Full-Spectrum Support

Regardless of your needs or your industry, your IPO team is flexible—pulling people in as needed to answer questions and enhance your company’s process efficiencies. That includes identifying weaknesses, improving communication, and revealing effective implementation methods.

Here are a few key tasks an integrated approach helps address:

  • Preparing financial statements
  • Determining tax compliance
  • Evaluating market timing
  • Analyzing or implementing new technology

By approaching your company holistically, our professionals can pinpoint areas of improvement—helping reduce risk, increase the likelihood of your IPO’s success, and build your company’s value—so you get the most out of your offering.

After the IPO

Keep in mind that business planning doesn’t end with your IPO. It’s just the beginning of your company’s continued growth.

Before going public, you’re heavily focused on your company’s business model and growth potential. After the IPO, your company can keep moving forward by continuing to analyze key business infrastructure, such as:

  • Systems for financial planning
  • IT environment
  • Effective fraud and risk-management practices


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