Penetration Testing

Hackers constantly probe businesses’ systems, looking for weaknesses they can exploit. Do you know your systems’ level of vulnerability?

Penetration testing can help you better understand your company’s weaknesses and prepare for an attack because it mimics the tools and techniques used by real-world cybercriminals. In addition to including this type of testing as a component of our full cybersecurity assessments, we offer stand-alone, comprehensive penetration-testing services as a core component of our IT Consulting Practice.

These services can help determine the feasibility and business impact of an attack that results from:

  • Insufficient software patching/updating
  • Improper system configuration
  • Inherent software flaws
  • Operational process weaknesses

Using specialized tools that enable us to approach your system from a hacker’s viewpoint, our highly skilled and experienced cybersecurity consultants provide an active analysis of your systems to identify potential vulnerabilities. Any security issues we discover are presented to your company’s management team—along with an assessment of their impact and recommendations for mitigation.

Network Vulnerability Testing

Our network vulnerability testing focuses on network perimeter protections and defenses along with system security measures to identify weak points in the design, implementation, and/or technology in use. This enables us to determine two key things:

  • Your organization’s accessibility to external cybersecurity attacks
  • Any compromised systems that could be susceptible to a breach

Red-Team Penetration Testing

Red-team penetration testing is a scalable cybersecurity assessment protocol that tests an organization’s ability to detect and respond to a simulated, multi-vector attack.

During this testing, we address your organization’s incident response capabilities by simultaneously attacking internal organizational processes and systems using various methods, such as:

  • Phishing
  • Phone-based impersonation
  • Fake websites
  • Physical-site breach simulations
  • Network penetration testing

By leveraging multiple attack vectors, your organization’s detection capabilities and defensive measures will be tested for their effectiveness, responsiveness, and completeness.

Offensive Security Assessments

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