Specialty Consulting

Sound Advice

Expand your influence and your business using industry- and regionally specific knowledge and experience. With the right tools and talent at your disposal, you can take advantage of unique opportunities and accelerate your company’s growth in challenging markets.

Discover how Moss Adams can help your organization in one of the following areas:

Financial Services

Strengthen your financial institution’s results and streamline operations with integrated solutions designed to help you face a range of complex challenges, from implementing rules arising from the Dodd-Frank Act to maintaining adequate IT security. Whether your focus is asset management, mortgages or specialty finance, banks, or credit unions, Moss Adams can provide you with a full breadth of tax, assurance, and consulting solutions that are customized to address your unique needs.

Health Care

Increase profits and reduce risk for your health care company with cost-effective solutions that address the growing demand for health care, increased regulation, and declining reimbursement rates. Whether you’re an ancillary healthcare service, a long-term care facility, hospital, private practice, medical group, or insurance provider, Moss Adams can help your organization meet its specific challenges and position itself for the future.


Drive growth while navigating the unique challenges and regulatory requirements faced by communications and media companies. Whether you’re a carrier, provider, or industry association, Moss Adams can provide your organization with unique, industry-specific and solutions-oriented accounting and business strategies that can help you grow your business in the telecommunications space faster.