Process Improvement

Organizations facing consistent issues, pursuing new opportunities, or preparing for substantial change must first assess and understand their current processes to successfully implement improvements and new strategies moving forward.

Too often organizational success can be hampered by maintaining legacy processes for the sake of continuity or tradition, or even a lack of awareness of how processes are deployed.

Analyze your current processes with our professionals to identify potential efficiencies and enhance outcomes through reduced timelines, steps, and reviews; clarified roles and responsibilities; strengthened technology; and more.

How Process Improvements Support Your Organization

Following initial fact-finding assessments, we work with your leaders, practitioners, and teams to document, map, and enhance your processes.

Mapping can help address root issues behind broken, underutilized, or complex processes and create conditions for continuous improvement and organizational alignment.

Process improvement can also help solve for challenges around:

  • Lengthy timelines and poor outcomes
  • Bottlenecks, or single points-of-failure
  • Uneven workload distribution
  • Process breakdowns or lack of process documentation
  • New regulatory requirements and compliance issues
  • Internal confusion and decentralized services during rapid growth
  • Transitions during staff turnover or retirement
  • Inefficiencies or waste in processes

Information gathered during process improvement work can help your organization improve decision-making by providing a structured approach to identify problems, gather data, and make decisions based on objective analysis and metrics.

It can also help support your competitive advantage as regularly checking the health of your organization’s processes can verify if they remain efficient and effective.

How Process Improvement Works

Our process is rooted in developing a deep understanding of your organization's goals, opportunities, and unique operational challenges.

We develop actionable observations and recommendations by combining a disciplined, well-informed approach with tactical flexibility and attentiveness to your specific needs.

In addition to our project management approach, our team is skilled in focus areas that can help improve outcomes for you, including:

  • Process knowledge. Identify where gaps exist and provide actionable recommendations through understanding your processes, your unique operating environment, and challenges you face—including your inputs, outputs, and key performance measures.
  • Data analysis. Identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement to support future data-driven decision making within your organization. This can involve statistical analysis, data visualization, and data management.
  • Process improvement methodologies. Implement methodologies that provide a structured approach to process improvement and include tools and techniques for problem-solving, data analysis, and project management—providing you confidence that your processes will be supported by industry standards and practices. Our team has knowledge of methodologies including Lean Six Sigma, business process management, and continuous improvement.
  • Change management. Enhance how you communicate changes, engage stakeholders, and manage resistance to change to support adoption of process changes. We have certified professionals with certifications and advanced degrees in change management, including Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP).
  • Project management. Develop project plans, manage timelines, and monitor progress to help your project operate on time and within budget. Our team also maintains certifications from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and has strong project management skills.
  • Leadership and interpersonal skills. Effectively engage and motivate team members, manage conflicts, and build consensus.

Expansive Process Improvement Experience

With decades of experience across dozens of industries including government services, higher education, not-for-profits, Tribal and gaming, power and utilities, and more, our professionals tailor process improvement projects to fit your unique operating environment.

Our team is well-versed in industry-specific frameworks and established methodologies, but rather than forcing each project to fit a static approach, we instead choose the right set of tools and tactics to fit each organization’s needs and goals.

Our flexibility gives your leadership confidence and clarity while our commitment to collaboration, curiosity, and careful fact-finding help solidify that every step and layer of our process will resonate with your teams and people.

Our one-firm approach provides you access to insights across our firm so we can comprehensively address any concerns, risks, or questions that emerge adjacent to our process improvement work.

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