Financial Operations Transformation

Dysfunction and challenges within the accounting function—like lack of budgeting and forecasting, overwhelmed controllers or chief financial officers, inaccurate and delayed financial reports, disorganized expense report processes, and more—can hinder your entire organization’s success.

Rather than seeking fixes to individual problems within accounting and financial departments, identifying root causes and transforming overall processes in ways that work for your whole organization is key to operating at your top capacity.

Assess your current financial operations and implement improvement plans with guidance from our professionals—so your accounting teams can deliver on their responsibilities while driving organization-wide collaboration that directly supports your most crucial goals.

Drive Confident Decisions

Organizations can’t manage challenging change sequences or create actionable strategic plans, let alone scale core functions and services, without reliable measurement and actionable reporting across their financial operations. 

Financial operations transformation gives your accounting department an up-to-date sense of financial health and confidence that your financial operations will be resilient and responsive to whatever lies ahead.

Key focus areas for transformation include:

  • People. Determine departments are staffed appropriately with the right people in the right roles and effective workforce planning. Clarify roles and responsibilities both within the department and throughout the organization.
  • Processes. Implement efficient methods for closing books on time, data delivery, and accounts payable. Integrate accounting teams into overall strategic planning to drive awareness of future needs.
  • Systems. Leverage technology to determine accounting systems operate appropriately and efficiently and can scale appropriately during rapid growth.

How Our Transformation Processes Work

Our process is rooted in developing a deep understanding of your organization's goals, opportunities, and unique operational challenges.

We develop actionable observations and recommendations by combining a disciplined, well-informed approach with tactical flexibility and attentiveness to your specific needs. 

Engagements often include a four-phase approach:

  • Start-up and Ongoing Management. Create a work plan that outlines project scope, approach, and timeline. Determine key people to interview or survey, documents to review, observations and walk-throughs to perform, when and how to share results, and how to report project status.
  • Fact-Finding. Obtain the most current information available—and insights from your organization and selected stakeholders—through fieldwork including documentation review, walk-throughs, observations, interviews, and surveys.
  • Analysis. Evaluate the importance, impact, and scope of fact-finding observations to develop recommendations for operational improvement. Leverage strategic practices to inform assessment. Conduct peer benchmarking to provide comparative data from similarly situated organizations.
  • Reporting. Develop a detailed action plan with observations and recommendations through draft and final reports and presentations. Trainings, documentation, and other knowledge-transfer may follow this stage.

Expansive Industry and Financial Experience

Our financial operations professionals are seasoned controllers and accountants who have direct experience in implementing and executing the types of recommendations we offer in an effective and sustainable manner.

Informed by decades of deep immersion in more than 30 industries, we understand the unique operational environments of tax-exempt entities in government services, higher education, not-for-profits, Tribal and gaming entities, health care organizations, power and utilities companies, as well as private businesses. We’re distinctly well-positioned to provide actionable, realistic recommendations that factor in the unique needs and nuances of the sector in which you operate.

We bring an objective, trustworthy perspective to our work and tailor our strategies to suit your unique needs, community, and mission while applying the insights gained from working with organizations similar to yours.


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