M&A Tax Services


It can be the most important aspect of any merger or acquisition: managing the transaction’s tax consequences. What’s more, taking timely advantage of tax opportunities—particularly in the year of a transaction—can yield significant financial benefits. But uncovering those opportunities and leveraging them effectively require extensive knowledge of the complex tax landscape surrounding mergers and acquisitions.

Moss Adams can help. Our experienced M&A tax services team—made up of former IRS employees, tax practitioners from the Big Four accounting firms, and tax attorneys from nationally prominent law firms—has a unique understanding of the tax code and its provisions that address business transactions. We’re members of and frequent speakers at the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the American Bar Association, the Federal Bar Association, and a number of other organizations.

We’ve worked with many corporations to help them ease their tax burden in a wide range of transactions, including stock-for-stock exchanges and incorporation events. Clients often seek our support to verify the availability of net operating loss carryforwards to an acquiring company or to the seller if the latter plans to use them to offset gain triggered in the transaction. These are known as Section 382 studies, and they’re often requested by a buyer’s due diligence team.

We also support financial statement reports for certain tax items, provide support for deductions, and identify elections available only in the year of the transaction. And we can help gauge the financial statement impact of transaction-related corporate tax deductions, support the qualification of a transaction as tax-free, provide tax-free spin-off structuring and documentation, and determine tax basis or earnings and profits amounts prior to distributing property outside a corporate entity.

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