Transferable Tax Credits

Many states offer tax credits for investment in film production, historic rehabilitation projects, renewable energy projects, and other initiatives as a way to spur economic growth, expand job opportunities, and enhance innovation.

Some states also allow the transfer of these credits to another taxpayer, which means you can reduce your state tax burden by purchasing other businesses’ credits or increase your cash flow by selling credits you've earned.

Depending on the state, the type of credit, and the types of taxes that may be offset, prices can range from $0.67 to $0.95 per dollar of credit purchased. For buyers, beyond the potential to deliver a high rate of return, transferable tax credits can also help:

  • Reduce your total state income tax liability
  • Lower your effective state tax rate
  • Diversify your investment portfolio
  • Promote the arts, film, renewable energy, historic rehabilitation, or other industries you may support

If you’re interested in leveraging this opportunity, we can help you certify and transfer earned credits, identify available credits, and navigate the transfer process in any state that offers these credits. Since 2007, we’ve helped our clients transfer more than $800 million in credits and performed incentive compliance and audit services for eligible projects in excess of $3 billion of total project costs.

With access to offline and online resources, we can help you obtain a real-time market rate and better position you for a timely transaction.

The Moss Adams Tax Credit Exchange

There’s a powerful new tool at your fingertips—one that gives you real-time visibility into your trading options and better prepares you to make informed decisions about buying and selling transferable tax credits. The Moss Adams Tax Credit Exchange brings together buyers and sellers in a vibrant, transparent online marketplace.

The exchange offers an array of benefits:

  • Sellers can gain insight into market pricing and easily match up with buyers to convert credits they can’t use into cash they can reinvest in their business.
  • Buyers can match up the states where they have a tax liability with states that offer credits inventories on the exchange.
  • Both buyers and sellers can post nonbinding indications of interest to buy or sell credits.
  • Both buyers and sellers can access the up-to-date Incentives Guide for all states with available transferable and other credits.

Start trading—and benefiting—today. For more information, visit the Moss Adams Tax Credit Exchange or contact us directly.

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