Federal and State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits

Organizations that own or operate a historic building should consider rehabilitating current facilities over constructing new ones to qualify for historic rehabilitation tax credits.

Many states provide economic incentives for restoring historic structures—providing potential to sell credits to interested businesses. By bringing in tax equity investors who can offset their own tax liabilities through credit purchases, accessing transferable historic tax credits can help lower your liabilities and generate significant influxes of cash to finance future investments.

Choosing to pursue restoration and making tax decisions based on those plans can be a complex process that consumes significant time and resources without guidance from proper tax professionals—who can help oversee that the credit is properly and timely applied for, calculated, certified, and if applicable, monetized.

Confident Credit Sales Guidance

Finding a strong buyer for your state historic credits is crucial to ensure a seamless transaction—our professionals can help make the right match, allowing you to convert credits you can’t use into cash to reinvest in your company.

Navigate the sales process seamlessly with our guidance in every important aspect of the transaction.

We can also assist with federal historic syndicator and investor selection, federal tax credit equity advisory, and advisory around purchasing federal and state tax credits. 

How the Process Works

Expansive Expertise for Local Issues

Matching the expertise of engineers and construction specialists with accounting professionals versed in tax law complexities, our team can guide you through complicated and time-sensitive processes.

Comprised of CPAs and tax attorneys, our tax team consistently works with developers, state and federal historic tax credit syndicators, financial institutions and insurance companies buying and selling historic credits—with access to all states and markets that offer transferable historic tax credit programs. This allows us to provide up-to-date market pricing and compliance with evolving legislative measures.

Collaborating closely with your organization, our professionals deliver customized options that meet the needs of your organization. Our expertise can help bring large returns through your tax credit transactions while avoiding substantial risk.

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