Board Development

Effective boards help set a strategic direction for their organization to drive long-term success.

However, lack of defined roles and responsibilities, board overreach, missing or obsolete policies, internal disputes and conflicts, and other obstacles can hinder boards from functioning cohesively and derail major organizational goals.

Develop alignment among your board members, build stronger relationships, and more with guidance from our professionals—positioning your board to unify around a vision that enhances efficiency and moves the organization forward.

Strengthen Board Performance Through Development

Boards often have difficulty assessing their own challenges. A third-party facilitator brings an objective eye to your current governance environment and can help course-correct appropriately.

Collaborating with your board members, our professionals can facilitate board workshops, provide leadership coaching, and bring overall clarity to board policies, procedures, bylaws, and team norms.

Implementing improvement strategies for your board can help the board and organization:  

  • Clearly define roles for new members
  • Redirect long-term members’ attention to key priorities and responsibilities
  • Maintain board focus on strategy and policy-level needs—preventing overreach into managerial or tactical responsibilities
  • Enhance or reset relationships between members or with executive directors and other key management roles
  • Drive retention and prevent managerial and staff turnover due to strained board relationships

How the Process Works

Our professionals work closely with organizational leadership to identify challenges and pathways for improvement, guiding you throughout the process.

  • Scoping. Collaborate with board representatives, executives, or other key figures to establish goals, diagnose issues, and more.
  • Planning. Create development plan to identify steps to help move the board and organization forward. If desired, a full governance assessment can be performed.
  • Execution. Hold workshops, provide trainings, or create other resources to implement board development strategies.

Expansive Board Development Expertise

Deeply immersed in more than 30 industries, our professionals support boards and governing bodies in a range of sectors including not-for-profit organizations; private businesses; higher education institutions; and government entities at the federal, state, county, local, and Tribal levels.

We help boards of all sizes and maturity levels—customizing solutions based on the unique needs of your organization, its life cycle, and the nuances of the industry in which you operate.

With a first-hand understanding of both management and board perspectives, we have deep experience navigating highly charged environments, situations with a high degree of public scrutiny, or for boards requiring compliance with strict policies or legal restrictions.

Additionally, our one-firm approach offers access to industry specialists, providing comprehensive support and insight in key areas impacting your industry that may bolster your organization and establish foundations for long-term success.


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