Strategically Move Your Business Forward

Few industries move at the speed of the technology sector, which places significant pressure on your business to have flexible strategies that can adapt to new opportunity, continued growth, and exit plans.

Whether you’re preparing for a commercial launch, securing capital funding, or entering international markets, our professionals share your entrepreneurial ethos and want to help you plan for what’s next.

Discover how our forward-thinking business solutions let your company focus on what matters most: transforming the world through your innovation.

Overcome Industry Challenges

Proactively prepare for challenges your business may face with industry-focused services.

Drive Growth with Technology

Increase your business’s performance and support growth by leveraging technology that aligns and integrates with your distinct goals.

As your business progresses, your technology architecture and software solutions should evolve to manage change expeditiously, enhance operational efficiencies, and access superior information.

Implementing specific systems, automation, infrastructure, analytics, and organizational practices can help drive data-informed decision-making, boost forecasting and planning, reduce transactional costs, and more.

Develop a comprehensive, technology-driven approach with our Technology Consulting Services.

Protect Your Business & Customers

Streamline your compliance plan, save time and resources, and reduce disruptions to your organization with a custom, risk-based approach.

Organizations that fail to meet compliance obligations can jeopardize customer trust and loyalty, with cascading effects across all business functions. Implement a clear, effective compliance program to demonstrate your commitment to reducing risk and maintaining high ethical standards.

Key protection areas include:

  • Cybersecurity
  • System and organization control (SOC) examinations
  • IT compliance
  • Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)

Pursue your business goals knowing your operations are protected with our Risk & IT Compliance Consulting Services.

Boost Efficiency & Revenue

Streamline your company’s processes to help drive efficiency. Strategic technical and competitive benchmarking, as well as internal and performance audits, can help reduce costs, grow a customer base, and stay ahead of regulatory changes.

Develop tailored strategies aligned with each stage of your organization’s life cycle to help counter shifting workforce demographics, declining employee engagement, and other challenges.

Drive change and maintain your momentum with our Strategy & Operation Consulting Services.

Confidently Execute Transactions

Make strong, informed decisions ahead of and during a transaction to strategically position your company to accomplish its goals in fiercely competitive environments—whether you’re contemplating a restructuring event, business spin-off, merger, or acquisition.

Build a solid foundation and confidently navigate the transaction process with guidance customized to the specific risks, methods, and industry landscape of your event.

Accelerate and strategically navigate your deal life cycle with our Transactions Services.

Confidently Navigate the Business Life Cycle

Growing a successful business isn’t always a linear journey and often requires reassessing specific needs multiple times—that’s why we deliver relevant expertise during every life cycle stage.

Our holistic approach can address your tax and assurance needs while integrating services to improve your operations, IT capabilities, and more.

We’re All In

Our collaborative approach takes the time to understand your unique business needs and contextualize how they may be impacted by the larger industry environment.

From emerging, institution-backed start-ups to multinational public enterprises, we serve clients across the technology spectrum, including:

  • Software and services
  • Fintech
  • Digital media
  • Advertising and marketing media
  • Gaming and entertainment
  • Internet services
  • Hardware and devices

Stay connected with movement in the capital markets through our extensive relationships with investment bankers.

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Valued Industry Perspectives

As the largest accounting firm headquartered in the West Coast, our professionals are deeply immersed in the locations where many technology companies innovate, operate, and thrive.

Unbound from big-firm conventions, our professionals personally engage your business while delivering the depth of resources needed as it scales up.

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