Sales & Use Tax Compliance

Sales and use taxes can be the most difficult tax obligation for your business to accurately assess and file the correct amount each month.

These transactional taxes—imposed on the sale, use, or storage of tangible property or taxable services—require detailed, transaction-by-transaction analysis to ensure you’re accurately collecting the sales tax. Keeping up with numerous return forms and deadlines to file and remit collected sales tax can prove equally challenging.

Confidently register, file, and remit your sales tax obligations with guidance from our tax professionals. We can oversee your entire sales and use tax compliance needs or enhance your existing in-house teams’ capabilities—so your resources can focus on other value-driven organizational priorities.

Confront Sales & Use Tax Challenges

The process of staying compliant with ever-changing, complex regulations has substantially expanded as jurisdictions ramp up sales tax collections in response to the US Supreme Court’s decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc.

This new economic nexus regime can create major burdens for your tax team that could result in an increased sales tax compliance cost due to noncompliance or late or inaccurate filings.

Managing state, county, city, and district level tax obligations can be challenging for any company, but those in the following sectors should pay special attention to sales and use tax compliance:

  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Life sciences
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing and consumer products
  • Construction

Explore the ways we can help your business navigate compliance.

Overcome Resource Constraints

As your business grows, it can be challenging to dedicate team members to focus on sales tax-related compliance functions. Lack of specialized sales tax experience can also result in compliance process inefficiencies, late filings, and increased costs.

Mitigate these issues with our professionals taking the lead on your sales and use tax needs, so you can focus on other important business concerns.

Address Wayfair Implications

Many businesses have yet to grasp the full impact of the South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. ruling as various state and local tax organizations seek to collect new revenue. Delaying solutions simply isn’t an option any more.

Stay up-to-date with the additional forms, deadlines, and filing requirements that can overwhelm your business.

Reduce Your Exposures

Compliance risks can be magnified by inefficient and outdated processes when businesses grow quickly. Managing your sales tax compliance operations internally can be expensive and a non-value add for your tax department. Our professionals work to help you avoid paying more than the required amount and reduce penalties or interest for late filings.

If you’re new to managing sales and use taxes, we’ll help you register with the necessary taxing authorities and provide guidance while you solidify your standing.

Create Sustainable Processes

Many businesses suffer from disorganized records and lack of streamlined procedures. In addition, many are unaware of appropriate next steps should you receive notices from a state tax authority.

Update your sales tax collection methods and systems with our insight so you can move forward with greater sales tax compliance. A robust sales tax collection process could provide reduced errors for future sales tax audits.

How the Process Works

Our technology-based solutions work to streamline your current sales tax compliance process, implementing and maintaining high-profile sales tax calculation engines.

Through a comprehensive review of your system environment and data sources, we’ll customize an on-boarding process that addresses the specific requirements for your business—with a focus on an established monthly process and quality over quantity of tax returns.

Immersive and Expansive Expertise

You’ll engage with the same US-based sales tax compliance team through the initial on-boarding to follow-up engagements, with access whenever you need compliance matters addressed.

Our approach supports your engagement through:

  • Data-source Agnostic Capabilities. Any data sources used by your business can be accessed to provide compliance support.
  • Continuous Improvements. Strategically act on recommendations for further improvements to your business as our knowledge of your systems and processes expands.
  • Comprehensive Tax Guidance. Tap into our professionals’ deep technical experience in tax areas tax beyond sales and use tax compliance.
  • Tax Calculation Engines Savvy. Implement and maintain high-profile sales tax calculation engines with our guidance.

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