Reverse Income Tax Audit

As states revamp already complicated tax codes to collect more revenue, your business could overlook tax-savings opportunities. State auditors likely won’t inform you of favorable adjustments, but our professionals can help determine if you overpaid or are at risk of noncompliance for underpayment.

Conducting a reverse income tax audit (RITA)—the process of thoroughly understanding your business operations and reviewing your recent state income tax returns—could uncover offsets, reduce tax assessments, and potentially provide significant refunds.

Presenting RITA filings to state and local authorities with our guidance can save considerable time and money—providing cash and resources to reinvest into your business.

Uncover Your Reverse Audit Opportunities

Revisiting your income tax returns can provide benefits for previous and upcoming business years.

Future Sustainability

Uncover more efficient tax filing methods to create seamless processes moving forward, saving time—and often money—for future tax years.

Strategic Apportionment

Effectively allocate profits by state through a detailed evaluation of your business operations, determining how income could be taxed based on your operation locations.

Special Deductions

Identify special deductions, elections, and state adjustments that may apply to your industry or location of your business operations.

Claim Credits and Incentives

Find overlooked tax credits and incentives such as rewards for your business’ innovative research and development initiatives, operating in specific locations, and more.

Companies in a state of transition often benefit most from reverse audits, especially if your business has:

  • Multistate or international sales
  • Growing operations and customer base
  • Diversified or new business activities
  • Recent merger, disposition, or other large transaction
  • Concerns over increasing state income or franchise tax liabilities

How the Process Works

Additional reviews are rarely required once filing concerns are resolved unless your business undergoes substantial operational changes.

In-Depth Insight for Your Audits

Composed of former state tax auditors, policymakers, and industry leaders with expertise in untapped tax-filing potential, our professionals will customize solutions for your business—contextualizing how state tax law and trends impact the specifics of your business.

We’ll guide you through the audit process while quantifying and discussing our findings, preparing and filing your claims or amended returns, and representing you in proceedings with taxing agencies.

You’ll have final discretion over pursuing any particular refunds and can determine future actions for resolving potential tax exposures uncovered throughout the process.

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