Grow Your Not-for-Profit Financial Literacy

Presented on:
June 22, 2022 10:00 AM PT
1 hour

Do you understand how to interpret the information in a not-for-profit’s financial statements, and do you know enough to spot a red flag or ask questions? Having a strong grasp of your not-for-profit organization’s financial statements is critical to plan, build capacity, fund, and help prevent fraud. For individuals who don’t have a not-for-profit financial background, reviewing these financial statements can be a daunting task.
Join us for our on-demand webcast in which we’ll provide an overview of basic not-for-profit accounting concepts and financial statements to help you better comprehend your organization’s financials. We’ll discuss:

  • Characteristics of a not-for-profit organization

  • Differences between not-for-profit and for-profit financial statements

  • Key areas of focus in financial statements of a not-for-profit organization

  • How to read IRS Form 990 and what it means for your organization

  • How to use not-for-profit ratios to assess the financial health of your organization



Emina Cresswell, CPA, Senior Manager, Moss Adams

Emina has practiced public accounting since 2007. She is the tax co-leader of the Washington region’s Not-for-Profit Practice. She focuses on tax compliance and consulting services for a wide range of not-for-profit clients, including public charities, private foundations, colleges and universities, credit unions, and utility cooperatives.

Hilary Tanneberg, CPA, Senior Manager, Moss Adams

Hilary has practiced public accounting since 2010. She primarily works with not-for-profit organizations and higher education institutions. Her responsibilities include supervising and performing audits; assessing the effectiveness and testing the design and operation of internal controls; preparing management letter comments, specifically for improvements in internal controls; and performing single audits.

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