E-Commerce Companies: How to Keep Customer Data Safe

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January 27, 2022 10:00 AM PT
1 hour

E-commerce companies must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) if they want to accept debit and credit cards as forms of payment. This stringent framework is designed to safeguard customer personal payment data when it’s stored, processed, and transmitted by companies they do business with.

Join us along with Tyler Neuroth, vice president of operations at Tangram, for our webcast in which we’ll explore the different elements of PCI DSS compliance, how to select the appropriate payment processing system for your business model, and trends impacting customer data in the e-commerce industry. Topics include:

  • Requirements of the PCI DSS
  • Payment processing data and statistics
  • How to identify vulnerabilities that could lead to a data breach
  • Pros and cons of different payment processing systems
  • How to engage your whole organization in the selection of a system and adopt policies and best practices to protect customer data

If you have specific questions you’d like our presenters to address, send us an email at caitlin.joyce@mossadams.com.

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Francis Tam, Partner, Moss Adams

Francis has practiced public accounting with a focus on risk and compliance consulting since 1994. He concentrates on risk mitigation activities relating to information technology and security. His expertise includes the application of industry-specific cybersecurity frameworks including the payment card industry (PCI-DSS) security framework, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework, AICPA’s system and organization controls (SOC 1-2-3) guidance, and others.

Tyler Neuroth, Vice President of Systems Operations, Tangram

With more than a decade of experience, Tyler prides himself on his ability to help businesses grow and thrive while providing a streamlined payment solution. During his time at Tangram, the company has tripled in size as Tyler continues to lead company operations. Having worked in banking, payments, and fintech, Tyler has a dynamic view of how the industry works and operates.

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